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Tumble Polishing Silver

Category: Silver Clay & Art Clay Equipment

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Do you want to get your Silver or Metal Clay Jewellery to a high mirror shine? Tumbling is the quickest and easiest way to polish and shine up your Jewellery designs to a high shine finish. This is a great value for money Rotary Tumbler/Polisher Starter Kit, which is Small & easy to use.  

Simply put your silver in the tumbler, together with water and steel shot. Leave for 1 - 5 hours and your jewellery designs will come out beautifully shiny!

  • A 3lb Barrelling Machine /Rotary Tumbler Starter Kit which contains everything you need to start polishing
  • Includes a starter pack of 250g of barrelling compound and 500g mixed steel shot
  • Machine measures a total of 21cm x 13cm x 13cm

This fantastic Barelling Machine /Rotary Tumbler offers everything you need to start polishing your Metal Clay & Siver Clay Jewellery to bring your jewellery designs upto a high mirror shine!

This Kit comes with starter pack of 250gm barrelling compound, and a pack of 500gm mixed steel shot.

Instructions for use: 

Check your Jewellery reguarlar as you start using the tumbler, to figure out how much time you need to leave your jewellery tumbling to achieve the results you want. 

Note:  This Rotary Tumbler is designed to polish and burnish your jewellery pieces. It  is not designed to  remove scratches, which you need to remove in the traditional way at the greenware and fired stage of making your Silver Clay Jewellery, before you begin tumbling.  Tumbling for long period may help to smooth out scratches, but it will not remove them. 


Cleanliness of your barrel and shot is essential for consistent, quality results.  The inside of the barrel and shot must be kept clean and never allowed to rust or oxidse.  Be sure, always to keep shot under a solution of water and Barrelbrite powder.


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