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Pottery Painting Starter Kit

Category: Pottery and Ceramics

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Pottery Painting, Paint your own Pottery, Ceramic Pottery, Ceramic cafe, Ceramic Studio
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Pottery Painting, Paint your own Pottery, Ceramic Pottery, Ceramic cafe, Ceramic Studio
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This essential Kit of tools and equipment includes everything you need to start creating Pottery Prints, with the exception of a Ceramic Kiln including: Multiple Pottery box-sets including Clocks, Tiles, Frames, Mugs and Plates. A selection of 10 Colour underglazes and Pottery Pens, 5 Gallons Lead-Fre Glaze Decorating Tools & Equipment Important Note: In addition to this Kit, you will also need a Ceramic Kiln to produce this range of Pottery Prints. Please refer to our 'Kiln & Accessories' section to select your Kiln.

This Kit Includes:

  • Banding Wheel Alum Light Weight   
  • P18 Mop Brush Size 3              
  • P40 Size 2 + Trianglar Hndle Brsh 
  • P40 Size 4 + Trianglar Hndle Brsh 
  • P41 Size 10 Round Brush           
  • P41 Size 7 Round Brush            
  • P47 Liner Brush Size 1            
  • BOM - Basic Brush Pack            
  • Heart Plate Large                  
  • Ultra Clear Dipping Glaze 5 Gallon 
  • Clay Carbon Paper Sup Qual (12)   
  • Clock 24.5mm Spindle Sweep        
  • Dipping Tongs                     
  • BRIGHT WINE CONCEPTS               
  • REALLY WHITE CONCEPTS              
  • Drying Mat Eco Glzd Item 30cmx20c
  • Tapered Sponge                    
  • Economy Flared Latte Beaker        
  • Rimmed Plate 25.5cm                
  • Picture Frame Medium w/Glass+Easel 
  • Clock Face 10mm hole, embossed nos 
  • White Dry Brushing Flt Soft Grip 5
  • Synthetic Hydra Sponge -1 Sz      
  • Stilt Stone                       
  • 6" Square Contemporary Tile        
  • Tile Setters One Pair             
  • Viscosity Cup                      


Price: £490.99