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Fingerprint Jewellery Starter Kit

Category: Silver Clay and Art Clay

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In order to operate your Fingerprint Jewellery Business you will require a Starter Kit of specialist tools, materials and equipment. This Fingerprint Jewellery Starter Kit includes all of the tools and equipment you will need to start making Fingerprint Jewellery, with the exception of a Jewellery Kiln.  

This professional Fingerprint Jewellery Kit, includes everything you need to make Fingerprint Jewellery, along with an initial supply of Silver Clay, which will enable you to make around 6-8 charms to start your display. (Depending upon the shape, size and thickness of the charms that you intend to create).

During your Fingerprint Jewellery Training Course, we will show you a variety of ways how to fire Silver Clay Jewellery, both with and without the use of a kiln. However, we would always advise you to invest in a Jewellery Kiln, if you are serious about developing a successful Fingerprint Jewellery Business and here is why.

Why you should use a Kiln to make Fingerprint Jewellery.

This Kit Includes 

·         Rectangle Cutters set of 4 Set of 6 1

·         Polishing cloth 1

·         Needle Tool (poss saving felt tool)

·         Wire cutters 1

·         Plyers (2) Ergo Flat nose 1

·         Gas Torch 1

·         Spacers Set 5 sizes 1

·         Razor Craft Knife RD35 Modelling Knife 1

·         Art Clay Silver 650 50g 1

·         Clear Acrylic Roller 1

·         Needle Files Set Economy needle file set 1

·         Sponge Sanding Pad - 3 Grits 1

·         Art Clay Work Surface 230x160mm

·         Nylon Hammer 1

·         Glanol [Wenol] Polish - Tube 1

·         Silver Clay Balm (scented) 1

·         3rd Hand Clamp Helping Hands hobby tool 1

·         Tweezers - Pointed AA Type 1

·         Non-Stick Surface (TUFF card) 1

·         Brass Brush - Jewellery - Medium

·         Liver of Sulphur - Small 1

·         Stainless Stl Mesh -Aprx 10x14cm 1

·         Ceramic Fibre Brick - For Firing 1

·         Silver Solder & Flux Paste Tube TBC (10g) 1

·         Safety Pickle Salt 50g (10G

·         Cutter set - hearts (set of 5

·         Cutter set - circles (set of 6) 1

·         Blue Silicon Moulding Compound 1

·         Scribing pen - silver clay 1

·         Pin Vice 1 PIN

·         Drill Bits - Set of 4 1

·         Cutter set - Squares (set of 6) 1


This Fingerprint Jewellery Starter Kit includes all of the tools and equipment you will need to start making Fingerprint Jewellery, with the exception of a Jewellery Kiln. If wish to learn how to make Fingerprint Jewellery, we would also recommend that you learn how to make Artwork Jewellery and Handprint & Footprint Jewellery in order to extend your product range and the services you are able to offer your customers. You may also be interested in browsing our wider range of Silver Clay Keepsake Jewellery Courses.



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