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European Bead Starter Kit

Category: Silver Clay and Art Clay

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Our European Bead Starter Kit, when combined with our Fingerprint Jewellery & Artwork Jewellery Starter Kit  and our ‘European Bead’ ecourse, will enable you to take your Jewellery making skills to the next level and add a popular new range of Jewellery Designs to your product range

 This deluxe kit, includes everything you need to get started with ‘European Bead Making’ using a variety of techniques, including:

·         50g Silver Clay

·         6 Bead Design tools, including circle, star, round, square, donut, heart shapes.

·         Metal Clay Alphabet Stamp Kit

·         Siver Clay Paste

·         Clay Shaper & Brush combination tool

·         Burnisher

Price: £307.99