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Cold Cast Metal Starter Kit

Category: Life Casting

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This Cold Cast Metal Starter Kit includes everything you need to create duplicate moulds of your original Plaster Life Casts, so that you can create multiple replica copies to upgrade to a variety of Cold Cast Metal finishes, including Cold Cast Bronze and Cold Cast Alluminium:

The Kit includes:

  • 0.99Kgs Silcone Rubber Compound
  • 12 oz Polyeurethane & Silcone Release Agent
  • 1 x Box Vinyl Gloves  
  • 5 x 16oz Mix & Measure Containers
  • 5 x 600cc Mixing Beakers
  • 1 x Box Tongue Depressors
  • 4 oz Red Silcone Pigment
  • 0.86kgs Polyeuretane Resin
  • 2 oz Black Resin Colourant
  • 2oz Brown Resin Colourant
  • 1kg Bronze Mesh Filler
  • 1kg Aluminium Filler

Full tuition on how to use these materials, to gain wonderful high quality Cold Cast Metal finishes is available on our Online Metal Cold Casting Course. Please add the online tution to your basket before checking out with this Starter Kit.

Price: £225.00