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Clay Imprints Starter Kit

Category: Pottery and Ceramics

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In order to operate your Clay Impressions Business you will require a Clay Imprints Starter Kit of specialist tools, materials and equipment, including a Ceramic Kiln.  We have teamed up with one of the largest Ceramics Wholesalers in the UK to create a professioal Ceramics Starter-Kit, which offers fantastic value for money and should enable you to achieve a rapid return on investment.  

This essential kit of tools and equipment includes everything you need to get started creating Clay impressins, with the exception of a Ceramic Kiln, including enough raw materials to make around 45 (unframed) Clay Imprints. 

This kit includes: 50 kg of Ceramic Clay, Selection of 12 colour Underglazes and Potters Pens, 5 Gallons of lead-free Glaze, Specialist set of tools and equipment.

Important Note: In addition to this Kit, you will also need a Ceramic Kiln to produce this range of Clay Impressions. 

This Kit Includes: 

  • Ultra Clear Dipping Glaze 5 Gallon 
  • Clay Block Smth fire -1100C 12.5K 
  • Dipping Tongs                     
  • LIGHT WINE CONCEPTS                
  • BRIGHT AQUA CONCEPTS               
  • LIGHT KIWI CONCEPTS                
  • REALLY WHITE CONCEPTS              
  • DARK GINGER CONCEPTS               
  • BRIGHT PINK CONCEPTS               
  • Drying Mat Eco Glzd Item 30cmx20c
  • Large Rolling Pin 500mm           
  • Pair of Rolling Guides 9mm        
  • Potters Knife                     
  • Tapered Sponge                    
  • Rubber Kidney (medium)            
  • Clay Cutter Wire (450mm)          
  • Greenware File 180mm              
  • Plastic A4 Box with foam-clay work
  • Synthetic Hydra Sponge -1 Sz      
  • Stilt Stone                       
  • Viscosity Cup                      

This Kit does not include Box Frames, which are available, seperately from our e-shop.

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