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2D Baby Prints Starter Kit

Category: Life Casting

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In order to operate your 2D Outprints Life Casting Business you will require a Starter Kit of specialist tools, materials and equipment. You will not require a kiln to produce this range, therefore, this is an extremely low-cost start up opportunity for those with a limited initial investment, or without the space for a ceramic kiln.  We have teamed up with one of the largest craft wholesalers in the UK to create a professional starter kit, which we offers fantastic value for money and should enable you to achieve a rapid return on investment.

This kit includes everything you need to get started in creating two-dimensional prints of babies hands and feet including, enough raw materials to make around 45 (unframed) 2D Baby Casts.

The Kit Includes: 

  • Clay Block Smth fire -1100C 12.5K
  • Copper Kettle Metallic Lustre     
  • Gold Rush Metallic Lustre         
  • Silver Spark Metallic Lustre      
  • Black DCA 2oz                     
  • Flexible Mixing Bowl             
  • Mixing Spatula                    
  • Large Rolling Pin 500mm          
  • Pair of Rolling Guides 9mm       
  • Potters Knife                    
  • Tapered Sponge                   
  • Rubber Kidney (medium)           
  • Clay Cutter Wire (450mm)         
  • Plastic A4 Box with foam-clay work
  • Bag of Plaster for Handprints    
  • Synthetic Hydra Sponge -1 Sz     
  • Gold Taklon Brush Set            

 This Kit does not include Box Frames, which are available, seperately from our e-shop.

If you are interested in offeirng additional life casting services to your customers.  Please browse our additinal Life Casting Courses, including 3D Baby Casting2D Outprints, Family Life CastingBaby Love CastingMetal Cold CastingResin Casting.

Price: £258.99