How to make 2D Dog Paw Prints in Plaster

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How to make Plaster Paw Prints

I recieve many enquiries every week, asking, "How do you make a Dog Paw Print out of Clay?" and "How do you make Plaster Paw Prints?"

So, if you have been asking yourself the following questions, you are in the right place:

  • How do you make Plaster Paw Prints?
  • How do I cast my Dogs Paw Print?
  • How do I keep a Paw Print Keepsake?
  • How to make a Paw Print with Plaster?
  • How to make a copy of a Clay Paw Print?

There are actually three techniques that you could use to make a mold of your Dogs Paw or take Paw prints in Clay or Plaster, these include, creating:

During this particular, Plaster Paw Prints Course, we will be focussing on How to make 2D Prints of Dogs Paw Prints in Plaster.

During this fun and creative Online Training Course, we will teach you all the techniques necessary to create your own delightful range of two-dimensional Plaster Paw Prints.

This ecourse is filmed up-close in high quality digital and gives you just under an hours detailed instructional tuition.

The ecourse broken down into 4 Chapters for easy viewing and play-back and covers: 

  • How to make a Dog Paw out of Clay
  • How to cast and make a dog paw print in Plaster (using the Clay mould)
  • How to make a copy of a Clay Paw Print
  • Finishing, Painting and Decorating the Plaster Paw Print
  • Tips on mounting and framing the Plaster Paw Prints
  • Includes Step by Step Course Training Manual
  • Business Start Up Guide
  • Marketing Manuals
  • Ongoing Help & Support

This course is designed for animal lovers who wish to start their own Pet Paw Print Keepsake Business.  This course, along with my wider series of Pet Paw Print Keepsake Courses, will enable you to start a fun and rewarding Pet Keepsake Business, helping pet lovers capture their most precious memories.

As a Pet lover myself, I know only too well how loved our pets are and how much they become the centre of our home and family.  Having been in the Keepsake Sector for the past 20 years, I was fortunate that I had alredy made many Keepsakes of my beloved Dog, Daisy, before she unexpectedly passed away in 2019. However, I know that the average pet owner, does not have the same level of creative expertise and knowledge. 

In fact, I am often asked, "Do Vets take Paw Prints?" and "How to Preserve a Clay Paw Print from the Vet." However, sadly, many of the Pet Paw Print Kits and Clay Paw Print Kits, used by Veterinary Surgeons, when a Pet passes away, contain very fragile material, which most often, cannot be preserved or duplicated. This is why there is a huge opportunity for Pet Lovers, such as yourself to start your own Pet Paw Print Keepsake & Memorial Business.  

Once you have learned the techniques of how to make Clay and Plaster Paw Print Keepsakes and Memorials, you will have the opportunity of promoting your services online and through local Dog Groomers, Dog Walkers, Boarding Kennels, Veterinary Surgeons, Pet Crematoriums and other Pet Business, to offer your services as a Pet Paw Print Keepsake Artisan.

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You will require our Plaster Pet Paw Prints Starter Kit to begin making these Pet Paw Print Keepsakes.  Everything you will need is available via our eshop!

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Watch this short Preview now!

* Although, at present, this 2D Plaster Paw Prints Course is filmed using a Baby as the model, the process of making 2D Pet Paw Prints, is exactly the same, whether you are taking prints of a Baby's Feet or a Dog's Paw. The only exception, is that you will need to ensure that the owner has trimmed the dogs fur between the toes and the pads to ensure that you capture a nice tidy paw print!


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