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Join us on this fun and creative Online Lifecasting Course, where we will teach you the art of body casting, using all of the professional methods and processes to successfully create a circle of hands family hand casting.

If you have already attended our Baby Casting e-Course, this more advanced Life Casting e course, will help to build your skills and understanding of traditional body casting techniques further.

During this Family of Hands Life Casting Course, we will be demonstating how to create a family hand casting of of 3 to 4 hands.  However, the same techniques  can be used to create more or fewer family hand castings.

If you have not yet attended our Baby Casting Course or this is your first exposure to Life Casting, we would recommend that you attend our Baby Casting Course first to become accustomed to the basics of life casting and to get used to working with the alginate powder and other casting materials first, on a larger scale, before you begin this more advanced form of alginate casting.  

However, if you have already attended our Baby Casting e-course and feel confident with the basics of life-casting, this e course will be a valuable education to build your life casting skills further.

If you already have a Baby Casting Business, this extends your ability to start your own hand casting business, offering an extremely sought after, Family Life Casting Service, which will differentiate you from your competition and provide you with a valuable revenue stream to add to your Life Casting Business.

This wonderful form of Life casting, offers families the chance to capture truly unique mementoes of their families, imortalizing family members across the generations.

During this in-depth Online Family Hand Casting Tutorial , you will learn:

  • What materials, tools and equipment you will need to create your family hand casting.
  • How to prepare your materials and models ready for the hand casting experience.
  • The quantities of materials you will require per average family hand casting.
  • Tips on mixing the moulding material for optimum consistency & high quality results.
  • How to apply the moulding material & create the support shell for the family hand casting.
  • Casting your family hand casting mould with tips to avoid air-bubbles
  • How to make repairs and fix air-bubbles.
  • De-molding, painting & waxing to finish your circle of hands family hand casting.
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This is a fun and informative Online Family Life Casting Course, where you will gain an indepth knowledge of how to successfully create a Circle of Hands ( or Wreath of Hands ) Family Life Casting.

Everything you will need to successfully create your Circle of Hands Family Life Casting is illustrated within the e-course and available to buy from our e-shop.

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