Resin Casting eCourse - Fused Glass Effect Baby Life Casts

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Welcome onto our Resin Casting ecourse, where we’ll teach you how to create duplicate copies of your original plaster life casts, in a wide array of stunning Fused Glass effect shades and colours. 

This is a life casting upgrade course, so you should already have attended our 3D Baby Casting e-Course, to ensure you a fully confident in the art of Baby Life Casting, before participating in this more advanced online tuition. 

During this ecourse we will guide you through the stages of: 

  • Preparing your original Plaster Life Casts to create your duplicate moulds.
  • How to create flexible and durable moulds, which can be used over and over to create multiple Glass Effect copies of your original life casts.
  • Tips on the best materials to use for creating the duplicate moulds and Glass Effect Casts.
  • De-Moulding and preparing your duplicate moulds for the Resin Casting process.
  • How to create multiple copies of your original Plaster Casts, in a wide array of translucent Glass Effect shades and colours.
  • De-moulding and finishing your Resin Cast copies.
  • Health & Safety information on equipment and materials.        

The techniques shown during this ecourse, will take your life-casting skills to the next level and allow you to discover how to create multiple copies of your original plaster life casts in a beautiful translucent Fused Glass effect finish.

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Don't forget all of the Equipment & Supplies you will need to create these beautiful Resin Glass Effect Casts  is included in our Resin Casting Starter Kit  which is available to purchase via our eshop! 

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