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Silver Clay Keepsake Jewellery Making Courses

 The fact that you've landed on this page means that you are interested in learning how to make Fingerprint Jewellery at home and you want to know how is Fingerprint Jewelry made.

If you wish to start your own Fingerprint Jewellery Business and you are browsing where to find the best Fingerprint Jewellery Course and Silver Clay Keepsake Jewellery Classes, you have come to the right place!

I have been helping busy mums to ditch their 9-5 job's and start their own profitable and rewarding Fingerprint Jewellery and Keepsake Jewellery Businesses for the past 20 years.

I offer a wide range of Keepsake Jewellery Courses, Life Casting Courses and Business Development Courses, to help you start, launch and grow your own successful Keepsake Jewellery Business or Baby Casting Business , so if you are asking yourself, the following questions, you have come to the right place:

How is Fingerprint Jewellery made?

How to make Fingerprint Jewelry at home?

How to make a Fingerprint Ring?

How to make a Silver Clay Fingerprint Necklace?

How to make Fingerprint Jewelry Keepsakes?

How to make memorial fingerprint Jewellery?

How do you make handmade keepsake Jewellery?

How do you make hand and footprint charms?

How do you make metal clay Jewelry?

Working with metal clay and setting stones in silver clay tips?

How do I start a Fingerprint Jewellery Business?

What tools and equipment will I need to start a Fingerprint Jewellery Business?

Where can I get a Fingerprint Jewellery Maker Silver Clay Starter Kit?

What training courses will I need to start a Fingerprint Jewellery Business?

How much will it cost to start a Fingerprint Jewellery Business?

What potential income am I likely to generate from a Fingerprint Jewelry Business?

What business insurance will I need to start a Fingerprint Jewellery Business?

How do I legally set up and register a Fingerprint Jewellery Business?

What do I need to know about legally operating a Fingerprint Jewellery Business from home?

How should I advertise and promote my Fingerprint Jewellery Business?

I provide answers to all of these questions and much more, within my market-leading and globally renowned series of Keepsake Jewellery e-Courses, where I teach you the technical tips, trade secrets and expert know-how that all professional Keepsake Jewellery makers must know.

I also offer ongoing help and support to successfully start, launch and grow your Fingerprint Jewellery Business and Keepsake Jewellery Business, exclusively to my Craft Ecademy Keepsake Jewellery Course Students and Keepsake Guild Members.

What is Silver Fingerprint Jewellery made from?

Silver Fingerprint Jewellery is made from Silver Clay, which is a combination of recycled fine silver particles, an organic binder and water. It is a wonderfully versatile material, which can be sculpted, textured, stamped and formed into wonderfully creative and personal designs.

Is Fingerprint Jewellery real Silver?

Yes, Fingerprint Jewellery is real silver and can be assayed and hallmarked. You can either make Fingerprint Jewellery with (999) pure fine silver or you can make Fingerprint Jewellery with (925) Sterling Silver and have it hallmarked as such. We offer a range of Silver Clay Keepsake Jewellery Courses, which show the differences of using these two different types of silver clay, which ones are best for different Keepsake Jewellery products and the different firing methods.

How to make Fingerprint Jewellery?

If you wish to learn how to make Fingeprint Jewellery and start your own Keepsake Jewellery Business, you have come to the right place. Starting a Fingerprint Jewellery Business offers a very low cost opportunity to start in business, working from home, so this opportunity is ideal for mums looking to earn a flexible income around raising their family. You don't need very much space or equipment, so this is perfect for mums who wish to work from home.

There are different start-up options and Silver Clay Keepsake Jewellery Training Courses to consider, depending upon whether you are interested in starting a Fingerprint Jewellery Business, offering basic Fingerprint Jewellery, or if you wish to extend your Jewellery making expertise, to offer a wider range of Keepsake Jewellery to your customers, including; Fingerprint Jewellery, Artwork Jewellery, Handprint and Footprint Jewellery, Enamelled Keepsake Jewellery, Baby Handprint Pandora Charms, Tiffany style Keepake Jewellery, Peas & Pods Silver Keepsakes or Sterling Silver Fingerprint Jewellery Rings and Earrings.

If you wish to start out just offering Fingerprint Jewellery you will need less training and fewer tools and materials, so your Start Up Costs will be kept to a minimum. However, by offering Fingerprint Jewellery alone and not offering some of the other extremely popular styles of keepsake Jewellery, such as Handprint and Footprint Jewellery, Artwork Jewellery and Baby Handprint Pandora Charms, you will be limiting your market-appeal and your earning potential.

I would therefore always recommend that you extend your product range, to offer more than just Fingerprint Jewellery to include a wider range of Silver Keepsake Jewellery, in order to stand out from the competition and offer a wider range of choice to your customers.

Silver Clay Keepsake Jewellery Courses

I offer a wide range of Silver Clay Jewellery Classesfrom my Studio and Online through my market-leading series of Online Keepsake Jewellery e-Courses.

Please click on the thumbnail images below to view my full series of Silver Keepsake Jewellery Studio Courses.

If you would like further information on starting our own Fingerprint Jewellery Business please download my FREE Guide or register for my FREE Mini Course.


Weekend Keepsake Jewellery Workshop

During this weekend course you will learn 3 Metal Clay Jewellery Making Techniques, including how to make Fingerprint Jewellery, Artwork Jewellery and Baby Handprint Jewellery in order to start your own Keepsake Jewellery Business.

Price: £1000.00

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Private Keepsake Jewellery Training

During this one day Private Keepsake Jewellery Course, we will focus on how to make both Fingerprint Jewellery and Artwork/Handprint Jewellery, including and soldering.

Price: £1000.00

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2 Day Midweek Keepsake Jewellery Workshop

Learn how to make Handprint Jewellery, Footprint Jewellery, Artwork Jewellery and Fingerprint Jewellery on our hands-on 2 day silver clay jewellery making course.

Price: £1000.00

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