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Silver Pet Nose Print Jewellery Course

Category: Jewellery Making Courses

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Please note; this is a group course available for a minimum of two course delegates. If you wish to arrange a group course for two or more delegates, please email us to arrange.

Alternatively if you wish to book onto a private tuition course please click here.


Learn how to make Silver Pet Nose Print Jewellery on our one day, fun and creative Pet Nose Print Jewellery Course! 

Did you know that all Dog Noses are unique, just like human fingerprints, each with their own unique creases, lines and cracks and Dog Nose Prints can be used to identify Dogs!  This means that a Silver Pet Nose Keepsake is as unique as the Pet itself!

During this Studio Course, we will reveal all the essential techniques for making beautiful Silver Pet Nose Print Jewellery,  capturing all of the fine detail, including creating the Pet Nose Print Moulds, transferring the Nose Prints to the metal clay, engraving the Silver Pet Nose Prints, polishing, firing and top tips for achieving beautiful finished Silver Nose Print Jewellery.

If you want to start your own fun and profitable, home-business making Pet Keepsakes and Silver Nose Print Jewellery, without the high start-up costs of a Franchise, then we're here to help you!

This Silver Pet Nose Print Jewellery Course will guide you through all the stages of how to make Silver Nose Print Jewellery, including:

  • How to take the moulds of the Pet's Nose Prints

  • How to Cast the Pet Nose Print Moulds with Silver Clay

  • Engraving and Personalising your Silver Pet Nose Prints

  • Firing, finishing and polishing your Siver Pet Nose Prints

  • Mounting your Silver Pet Nose Prints onto findings

  • Includes 20g Silver Clay 

If you want to come on this Silver Nose Pet Nose Print Course, but can't make it to our Studio in Hampshire, don't worry! Very Soon, we will be able to bring our Studio to you! We wil be launching our Online Silver Pet Nose Print Course very soon, so please make sure that you register for our email list, so we can notifiy you when this e-course becomes available.

Once you have completed your course, Online or at our Studio,  you will require a Fingerprint Jewellery Starter Kit   a Jewellery Kiln to begin making Silver Pet Nose Print Jewellery.  

Everything you will need is available to buy from our e-shop.


This Group Studio Course includes the following Comprehensive Support Package:

  • 1 day's practical hands-on Studio Training 

  • 1 month viewing of the equivalent ecourse (to act as a refresher after you leave the Studio! * once this e-course becomes available).

  • 1 months online help-desk support

  • Step by Step Training Manual

  • Business Start Up Guide

  • Marketing Guides

  • * Optional Marketing assistance, including logo, leaflet and web-design. View details here: > Guild Marketing Package

Additional Viewing & Support:

If you would like continuous viewing of your ecourse(s) and unlimited support, we recommend you apply for membership to which, among other benefits, will give you unlimited viewing of your ecourse, for the life-term of your membership along with ongoing online help-desk support.



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To arrange a group course date please email us. Alternatively to book private tuition click here, or to book online tuition click here