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Hands Entwined Life Casting Course (Parent & Child Life Casting)

Category: Life Casting Courses

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Spend the day at one of our Accredited Training Studio's and learn the fine art of life-casting to create Hands Entwined, Parent & Child Castings.

This is a lovely form of life-casting, which allows you to capture the delightful Palmar Grasp Reflex, where the baby will grasp a parents finger, when placed into the Baby's palm.  

This is such a lovely symbol of bonding between parent and child.   Life-casting to capture this reflex, usually needs to be undertaken before the baby has reached five or six months of age, whilst the Palmar Reflex still persists.

During this day's Tution, you will learn how to:

  • Prepare your subjects for the casting experience
  • Prepare the tools, materials and equpment you'll need
  • Tips for mixing the moulding material to the optimum consistency
  • Tips for taking the mould, including practicing the correct pose
  • Casting the hands entwined mould with tips to avoid air-bubbles
  • De-molding, finishing, painting & waxing 

This is a hands-on practical course, where Course delegates will practice on a parent and child model to gain real life experience.

All tools, materials and equipment are included in the Training.

Once you have completed your course, Online or at our Studio,  you will require our Baby Casting Starter Kit to begin making Hands Entwined Life Casts.  

Everything you will need is available to buy from our e-shop.

This Studio Course includes an unrivalled Support Package:

  • 1 day's practical hands-on Studio Training 

  • 1 months online help-desk support

  • Step by Step Training Manual

  • Business Start Up Guide

  • Marketing Guides

  • * Optional Marketing assistance, including logo, leaflet and web-design. View details here: > Guild Marketing Package

Additional Viewing & Support:

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*Please wear clothes that you don't mind getting a little messy.





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