Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of The Keepsake Guild provides unrivalled benefits, including improved customer perception, ongoing business support and access to marketing initiatives to help with promoting and growing your Business.

  • Add Prestige to your Business / Improved Customer Perception
  • Gain more Customers /Increase Sales
  • Cost Savings/ Increase Profits
  • Helpful Advice & Support through the Guild Helpdesk
  • Networking, Motivation and Support through the Guild Members Private Forum

What’s included in Guild Membership?

  • Listing on the Guild Members Directory – Increase Search Engine Visibility > View Example
  • Guild Members Private Forum – network with other Guild Members to share tips and advice
  • Guild Members Helpdesk – ongoing Support for the life-term of your membership
  • Guild Marketing Club – Tips, help and exclusive Tools to help with Marketing your Business
  • * Optional Access to The Guild’s ‘Business Essentials Marketing Package’, including, Logo, Leaflet and ecommerce Web-Design.  >View Details
  • Guild Royalty Free Images – unlimited access our Library of professional Images
  • Course Discounts - 10% Discount on all Studio Courses and 20% Discount on all ecourses at
  • Continued access to your ecourses (if you trained through to act as a Refresher to your Studio Course Training
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