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Jewellery Making Courses

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We offer a growing number of jewellery workshops and silver clay courses, working with art clay silver, a wonderful and versatile precious metal clay that enables people to make beautiful jewellery with little or any previous jewellery making experience.

Please click on the links, images or 'more info' buttons for further details of each course!

> Fingerprint Jewellery Course

> Artwork Jewellery / Baby Prints Jewellery Course

Pottery & Ceramics Courses

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We offer a growing selection of Pottery Painting and Ceramics Courses, Please click on the links, images or 'more info' buttons for further details of each course!

> Clay Imprints

> Pottery Prints

Life Casting Courses

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We offer a selection of Life Casting Courses, with a special focus on casting babies, children and adults hands and feet.  

The two most popular techniques of Life Casting and Hand and Feet Casting, involves using either Clay or Alginate as the moulding material.
Please click on any of the images or links below for further information on each of these two methods of Life Casting:

> 3D Baby Casting

> 2D Baby Prints

Glass Courses

Glass Courses, Classes and Workshops!

We offer a growing range of Glass Courses, includung Fused Glass Courses and Dichroic Glass Jewellery Courses, as well as a choice of Stained Glass Courses which focus on both the traditional Leaded Stained Glass method and also the Tiffany Style, using  Coper Foiling techniques:

Fused Glass Courses

Our Fused Glass Courses include a growing choice of Glass Jewellery Making Courses, where you will be taught how to create stunning Fused (Dichroic) Glass Jewellery.

We also offer a Fused Glass Taster Course where you will learn how to create a stunning picture or Tile out of Fused Glass

Both of these Fused Glass Courses are an excellent introduction to the world of glass fusing and will provide a solid framework for you to build upon to develop further, more advanced glass fusing techniques and skills.

Stained Glass Courses

Complimenting our Glass Fusing Classes, we offer an inspiring series of Stained Glass Courses to start you on the exciting journey of Leaded Glass and Copperfoiling.

If you are new to working with Stained Glass we would recommend beginning with our Stained Glass Taster Course, where you will make your own A4 Tiffany Style Stained Glass Panel, using the Copper Foil technque.

From this you can move onto creating more intricate, 3 dimensional Stained Glass objects, on our Stained Glass Improvers Course.  Both of these Glass Courses focus upon the Tiffany Style, using the Copper Foil technique.

If you wish to learn the traditional Leaded Stained Glass techniques, you should book onto our Leaded Stained Glass Taster Course. 

Bespoke Glass Courses

If you would like to spend more than a day learning a specific Glass technique or perhaps you would like to perfect knowledge and skills that you already have, we can offer bespoke, private tuition from our Glass Workshop in Hampshire.  Please email us with your requirements and we will be happy to help!

All of our Glass Courses are run by our highly respected and skilled Glass Artist, Mandee Siegert who has many years of commercial experience to share.

Please follow the links below to find out more about each course:


Furniture Painting & Decorating Courses

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Learn how to update your tired, unloved furniture and give it a contemporary French Vintage look on our Furniture Painting & Decorating Courses.

We offer two Furniture Painting & Decorating Courses, running over two consecutive day's to allow Students to come on one or both of the day's.

Day 1 is our Basic Furniture Painting Course and focusses on how to use Chalk Paints to upcycle your furniture and achieve a beautiful Country Farmhouse or French Vinatage finish.  Here we will go through the essentials of Chalk Painting, including texturizng and distressing to give your furniture that beautiful vintage style!

Day 2 is our Decorative Techniques Course, where you will build upon what you learnt on Day 1 to take your furniture projects to the next level. Here we will focus on the pieces you have already painted and apply a variety of Decorative Techniques, including Stenciling, Decoupage, Image Transfer, Gilding and Crackle Glazing.

Important note:  The Decorative Techniques Course is only available to Students who have already attended the Basic Furniture Painting Course.  Ideally we recommend that you book onto both courses.



Private Tuition

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If you can't make it to our any of our Group Scheduled Courses, you have the opportunity to attend Private Tutionwith us.

Private courses are one-to-one, so you'll recieve focussed, undevoted attention from our Tutor and because it will be just you on the course, we can ocombine two complentary techniques into one, slighlty longer day's training. Ideal, if you have child-care issues, or wish to minimise your time away from home.

Our Private Courses offer you the choice of the following, or all 3 options:


  • 1 day Private Keepsake Jewellery Training - focussing on Fingerprint Jewellery, Artwork Jewellery and Baby Handprint/Footprint Jewellery
  • 1 day Private Life Casting Training - focussing on 3D Life Casting and Feet and 2D Print Casting
  • 1 day Private Ceramic Keepsakes Training - focussing on Clay Imprints and Pottery Prints

* If you wish to learn all of these techniques, simply book onto 3 day's Private Training.