Words of wisdom and inspiration for new Mums

Words of wisdom and inspiration for new Mums

Author : Michelle Williams

I can remember exactly how I felt on the first day that my two sons, Harvey and Elliott were born. But time has flown by so fast! I can't believe they are all grown up now! 

In fact, it was the realization of how quickly they were growing, that inspired me to start a Baby Keepsake Business.  But, that was 20 years ago! Where did that time go?

It was when Harvey was 3 months old and I was putting away his first tiny baby clothes, that I felt a sudden huge pang of sadness and panic at how quickly he was growing.  I wanted to keep him tiny forever.  That is what inspired me on my journey of renewing my love of ceramics, so that I could capture Harvey's tiny little handprints and footprins in Ceramic Clay.  

Nobody was doing anything like this back then, there was nobody to learn from, so the process of figuring out everything that I needed to know was timely and expensive.  I had many failed attempts and disasters along the way, but I was determined to create a range of Handmade Keepsakes, that not only I would love, but that other parents would love too.

In truth, it took me about 18 months of trial and error, lots of expense and many explosions in the kiln, before I finally created a finished product that I was immensely proud of.

As soon, as I was happy that my products were of the highest quality and something that other parents would love too, I began the task of setting up and starting my own Keepsake Business and marketing my Keepsake products and services to local parents and attracting customers to my Keepake Business.  In no time at all, word had spread about my Clay Impressions and I had a stream of customers keen to buy.  

This enabled me to give up my soul destroying job in IT marketing to do something that I truly loved.  But the best thing is that it enabled me to earn money and work around the demands of my two children! Priceless! :-) 

I started out with just one product range, Clay Impressions, but I knew that the key to my success would be to launch a wider range of Baby Keepsakes, that would cater to a wider audience.  So, I invested time, money and resources into new product development and I created a series of Life Catsing Products and Keepsake Jewellery Products that literally took the world by storm.  These included, Clay Imprints, 3D Baby Hand and Foot Castings, 2D Baby Prints, Fingerprint Jewellery, Baby Hand and Footprint Jewellery and Artwork Jewellery.

Suddenly, I started receiving enquiries from customers all over the world who wanted to learn how to do Baby Hand Casting and how to make fingerprint jewellery, so my business evolved into a teaching academy, where I began offering Baby Casting Training Courses and Fingerprint Jewellery Courses.  

Since that time, I have helped thousands of women from all over the world to gain more time and freedom in their lives, by starting their own keepsake business, so that they can earn a profitable income working from home, whilst spending more time with their children. 

I'm so grateful that I took that leap of faith, all those years ago, because my business has allowed me the time and freedom, to stay home and provide for my children emotionally and financially, as a single mum, over the past 23 years.

I never missed a school play, nativity or anything! I was there when my children were sick. I took all of the school holidays off, so that I could be with them.  Consequently, I managed to escape the guilt, that I know many busy working mums feel.

What's even better, is that for the past 15 years, since I launched The Craft Ecademy,  I've been 'giving back', by helping other new mums to quit the rat race and start their own successful home businesses too!

If that's something that you think you would be interested in too right now, click the link below to register for my 'Time and Freedom Webinar' and I'll show you exactly how. 😍

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