What I Achieved the Year I Almost Died

What I Achieved the Year I Almost Died

Author:Michelle Williams

I want to start this year by hopefully giving everyone some inspiration for the year ahead. And I’d like to share with you a quote, which has always helped me to stay positive and remain focussed on achieving my goals, no matter what.

This is a quote from Elaine Maxwell, which I’d like you to keep it in mind, as you move through 2017. I hope that it helps you, in the same way that it has always helped me:

“My will shall shape the future.  Whether I fail or succeed shall be no mans doing but my own.  I am the force.  I can clear any obstacle before me, or I can be lost in the maze.  My choice, my responsibility. Win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny.”  - Elaine Maxwell

For those of you that know me, you’lll be aware that almost 12 months ago, I was suddenly struck down with a brain haemorrhage which not only threatened my business, but more importantly, threatened to take my life and rob my children of their mother.

So, never in my life has this quote from Elaine Maxwell felt more powerful or inspirational to me.

What happened to me 12 months ago was the most terrifying experience of my life, but it has taught me a lot.  I feel truly blessed to have survived something that most others do not and it has given me a fresh perspective on life.

Due to my illness, I was forced to take time out from work, over the past 12 months, to focus on my health and my family.

Although physically, I have recovered very well, I have suffered cognitive Brain damage that no-one can see.  The part of my brain that was affected was the frontal lobe, which is responsible for executive funtions, included planning, organisation, problem solving, memory, conentration and multi-tasking.  So, with the limitations that I now face,  I was faced with the decision of whether to close my business or 'evolve' my business. 

I took inspiration from Elaine Maxwell’s quote and the work of Napoleon Hill, which taught me that it is your own positivity, passion and determination that will determine if you fail or succeed.

Despite my poor health, closing my Business was not on option.  Helping other women to start in business is my passion, it’s my identify and who I am, so I chose to 'evolve' my Business and enlist help to formulate a plan, that would make The Craft Ecademy and The Keepsake Guild, bigger, better and stronger  for our customers.

I’m so proud of what we have managed to achieve in small 12 months and I hope it gives you some inspiration of what you could achieve this year too! 

Due to the cognitive defecits that I now have, I had to get really good at delegation, which is something that I have traditionally been very bad at, so, I would like to thank Jade for the fantastic work she has done, over the past 12 months, with the day to day running of the Business, giving me the time to focus on my health and recovery.  

Despite my illness, the projects that The Craft Ecademy Ltd and The Keepsake Guild have launched this year, include:

  • Launching an Accredited Trainers Scheme to provide more local and convenient practical  training for our customers, which I’m very pleased to say we have received fantastic feedback on this year.  
  • We have also filmed and launched successful new ecourses  over the past 12 months and we also have several new ecourses in the final editing stages, which we look forward to launching during the coming year.
  • We have also launched a range of done for you’ Marketing Services to help our guild members succeed in business! This includes 3 optional marketing packages, including email marketing, Social media  and direct mail marketing using bounty media’s new parent database, which will help to take our Guild Members Businesses to the next level.

I hope you can take inspiration from what I have managed to achieve this year, despite the unthinkable obstacle that presented it’s self to me on 27th January 2016.

No matter what obstacles you face in your business you should always look for ways to clear those obstacles and not to fall at them.  It is your passion and determination that will determine if you fail or succeed. 

So, stay positive and focussed during 2017 and I hope you have a very happy, healthy and successful year.