Saying Goodbye to Daisy, my beloved Dog

Saying Goodbye to Daisy, my beloved Dog

Author : Michelle Williams

Last year, I had to say the hardest goodbye, to my beautiful and beloved Dog, Daisy, who I suddendly and unexpectedly lost to cancer, aged just 8 years old.  Daisy was my best friend, most loyal companion and furry guardian angel. 

I have created this Pet Loss and Memorial Blog in memory of Daisy, the beautiful rescue Dog, who if truth be known, really rescued me.

Of course, all dogs, are special, but Daisy was extra special. In fact, I truly believe she was ‘an angel in disguise,’ a precious soul, sent to help me through the darkest moments of my life:

Daisy was my best friend and most loyal companion, helping me through the trauma and turbulence of my marriage beak-down. 

She helped to restore my work-life balance, at a time when I was struggling with the demands of being a single mum and business owner, forcing me away from my laptop and into nature. 

In times of trouble, Daisy provided an immediate escape from the source of stress, restoring me to a place of peace and harmony, nurturing both my physical and mental health. 

Daisy's extremely unreliable recall, led me to take up the sport of canicross, which enabled me to get more fit and healthy than I had ever been in my life. 

On our daily walks, Daisy introduced me to many new friends and special people, who became extremely important in my life. 

Then, when I suffered a terrifying brain haemorrhage, in 2016, which threatened to steal my life, Daisy was the only soul there to comfort me, as I lay immobilised in pain, unable to call for help. I will never forget her comforting licks and consoling whines and whimpers. My angel never left my side. 

Throughout my 3 year recovery, Daisy was my therapy, emotionally and physically, as she walked me back to health. So, losing Daisy came as a horrible shock and heart-breaking blow. 

But, through the grief of losing my beloved Dog, Daisy, at a time when I was struggling with the invisible effects of my Brain Injury, struggling to come to terms with the 'new me' and questioning my new purpose in life, Daisy sent me the most precious gift of all.  She taught me that I could write.  My new found writing skills came as a complete suprise to me, in the form of a series of heart-felt pet loss poems, which relentlessly poured out of me, in the days, weeks and months after loosing Daisy to cancer.

Now, let me tell you, that as a brain injury survivor, this is quite a miraculous feat. In fact, I had spent the previous 3 years unable to return to my business, attending weekly cogitive rehabilitation therapy sessions, struggling with any task that involved even the slightest amount of conentration or mental stimulation. Yet all of a sudden, words were pouring out of me onto a page. It was almost as if Daisy was sending me the words.  I am slowly adding all of these pet loss poems to my Pet Loss and Bereavement Blog.

If you are currently facing the pain and anguish of having to say goodbye to a beloved Pet, I hope that my pet loss poems about Daisy, give you the same comfort and release that they gave me in writing them.

Apart from discovering that I had a natural talent to wite, It was also Daisy that inspired me to extend my market-leading series of Life Casting Courses and Keepsake Jewellery Courses, to make them more widely available for the Pet Keepsake Market. This is because I want all Pet Owners to have the opportunity of having beautiful Pet Keepsakes and Pet Memorials made of their beloved Pets before it is time to say their final goodbye.  I was lucky that I had already created many beautiful Pet Keepsakes of Daisy, before I was forced to say my final farewell, but I know that not every dog owner or animal lover is so fortunate.

This is why I am so passionate about training Animal lovers to start their own Pet Keepsake Business, creating high-quality Pet Keepsakes and Pet Memorials for Pet Owners.

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