Pet Business Ideas

Pet Business Ideas

Author:Michelle Williams

We are often approached by people searching for unusual Pet Business Ideas.  In fact this is a question that recently came up on my Discovery Session, from somebody who wanted to know:

"Once I've completed the Baby Casting Training and learnt how to cast Baby Hands and Feet, can I then also cast pets?"
The answer to that is absolutely, yes! Dogs, Cat's, Horses...whatever. Once you have completed our Online Baby Casting Course, the process of casting humans and pet's is pretty much the same, apart from one small thing.  Although our Online Baby Casting Training focuses on using a baby as the model, the process of taking a life cast, whether it's for a baby or a dog, is exactly the same. There's just one very small difference. That is that you will need to apply a release agent to the animal's fur to stop the fur from sticking to the alginate, which is the molding material. Don't worry because although we don't cover that little bit in the training, that's really the only difference. As soon as you're at the stage when you want to start casting animals, just send me a message through the help desk and I will tell you exactly what you need, what the release agent is, and how to use it. You can go away and you can cast your pets. As a pet lover, it's a really lovely thing to do.

This means that if you are an animal lover, who is interested in starting you own Pet Business, then starting a Pet Casting Business could be the perfect idea!  You can learn everything that you need to know on our Online Casting Course or Life Casting Weekend Workshop

In fact, why stop at a Pet Casting Business because all of our other Keepsake Courses, equally represent very good Pet Business Ideas, which will allow you to start your own Pet Business, creating Pet Keepsakes and memorials. This can include discovering how to create Pet Paw Print Jewellery which has become an extremely popular pet keepsake and memorial.  To learn how to make pet pawprint Jewellery, you would need to book onto our Artwork and Baby Handprint Jewellery Course, which then uses the same process to transfer baby handprints and footprints as it does to pawprints.