Payment Processing Systems for your Keepsake Business

Payment Processing Systems for your Keepsake Business

Author : Michelle Williams

If you are just in the early stages of starting a Baby Casting Business or Fingerprint Jewellery Business, you probably have so many questions around how to start a Keepsake Business from Scratch, How set up as Self Employed and how to take and process payments. 

There are so many different card processing and mobile payment systems that you could consider when starting your Keepsake Business and preparing to launch and take sales orders. Whether you are setting up a Keepsake Website and planning to sell your Keepsake Jewellery online or you are launching a Baby Casting Business and taking appointments locally, gone are the days where the majority of people pay by cheque or cash. Most customers now tend to prefer the conveience of paying by card or online.

It always makes smart business sense to seperate your personal expenses from your busiiness expenses, so assuming that you plan to open a Business Account with your Bank, speak with your Business Manager about the charges for accepting payments via cards, using a card-reader. Often, with a bank, you will be required to pay a set-up charge up-front, in order to obtain a chip and pin machine and to take card payment. So, in order to keep your costs down, you may prefer to opt for an on-line payment provider, to avoid set-up charges using the services of an Online Payment Provider

Online and Mobile Payment Systems

With the growth of e-commerce, many payment processors have grown and evolved over the years. Here are a few online payment providers that you could consider. Research each of them to review their set up fees (if any) and transaction fees.

Square up
Go Cardless
Amazon pay

I hope that this article on payment processing has been helpful to you in starting and setting up your Baby Casting Business or Keepsake Jewellery Business.

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