Life Casting Training & Supplies

Life Casting Training & Supplies

Author : Michelle Willliams

I’ve had a really interesting message from a lady that has been on my FREE time and freedom Course and is interested in starting her own Baby Life Casting Business.  

She’s got a couple of questions, so I thought I’d film this quick video as I think that my answers will be helpful to anyone who is thinking of starting their own Baby Life Casting Business. 

This message comes from a lady, who is currently on maternity leave, but is seriously considering starting her own 3D Casting Business

She says that she needs to learn how to do Life Casting first and loves our modular Life Casting Training Packages.  She hopes to offer products such as baby hand on foot casts, couple castings, family castings, Christmas 3D Casting Baubles, Metal Cold Casting, and coloured Resin Castings.

Jeanette would like to know if the Metal Cold Casting and Resin Casting products would need any specialist equipment such as an oven, furnace or Kiln.  This is a really great question  and I hope that my answer will help you and anyone else who is interested in starting their own Baby Life Casting Business.

If you are interested in starting your own 3D Baby Casting Business, I always recommend that you have multiple products and therefore multiple revenue streams built into your business. All of the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs have around seven revenue streams in their businesses. I never recommend that you only have one product to offer. This is why I have packaged together seven of my most popular Life-casting e-courses, into a training bundle, so that you have more products to offer and therefore more revenue streams in your Busienss.

In my Life Casting Training Bundle, you will get access to all of these maket-leading Online Life Casting Courses:

The 3D Baby Life Casting e-course, also includes Hands Entwined Casting, so you can either cast Couples holding hands, or Mum and Baby holding hands, which is extremely popular. You don't need a Kiln to make any of these products. But, of course, you will need certain Life Casting tools, materials and equipment. So, for instance, for 3D Baby Hand and Feet Casting, you will need things like Casting Plaster and Casting Alginate.  

For the Resin Casting, you will need certain Silicones and Resins, for example.  For the Metal Cold Casting, you will need certain Silicones and Metal Compounds, but I go through all of this and show you exactly what you will need within the Life Casting Training Bundle.  

To make things very simple for you to get your Life Casting Business started, as quickly and as easily as possible, I can supply all of the Life Casting Starter Kits that you will need to get started. Once you subscribe to the Life Casting Training Bundle, you’ll discover exactly what you need and how to use it!

All of my Life Casting Starter Kits are available to purchase directly from my e-shop, as are all of the replenishable Life Casting materials that you will need. Literally everything you will need, is available via my e-shop! 

In answer to your question about what products you will need a Kiln for, the only product that you would need a Kiln to produce, is the Clay imprints.  These are made of Ceramic Clay, which needs to be fired in a Kiln, so yes, you would need a Ceramic Kiln, if you wish to become involved in producing these products in the future.  

 Within the Life Casting Training Bundle, the Ceramic Imprints are the only products, which you would require a Kiln for. So, it is totally up to you and your investment budget.  You may decide not to offer Clay Imprints at all, in which case you won’t need a Kiln.  Or you may decide to offer Clay Imprints at a later stage, once you have recouped your initial investment and have more funds to re-invest back into your Life Casting Business.

The only other products that you would need a Kiln for are within our Keepsake Jewellery range. So, for example, if you wanted to get involved in making Fingerprint Jewelry, Artwork Jewellery or Handprint Jewellery, or any other type of Silver Keepsake Jewellery, you would need a small Jewellery Kiln

The type of Jewellery Making Kiln that you would need for making Silver Keepsake Jewellery, is very compact, smaller than a microwave and is a very lowl investment, particularly when you consider the potential return.  (If you want to know how much money you can potentially make, register for my Time & Freedom Webinar, where I go into this in a lot of detail).

You can get a good Jewellery Making Kiln, from around £380- £450 and you would only need to sell about eight pieces of jewelry to get a return on your investment. So it's money well spent and definitely worth investing in a Jewellery Making Kiln, if you want to add extra revenue streams to your Business.

Don’t forget, I explain in a lot of detail, about the cost of producing the various Life Casting and Keepsake Jewellery Products, in my Time and Freedom Webinar.  During this FREE Training, you’ll discover, Production Costs, Recommended Retail Prices, Profit Margins and Potential Earnings.  In fact during my FREE Training, I even demonstrate how to create a Cost and Sales Forecast, so you can see EXACTLY how many products you would need to produce and sell, to get a return on your start-up investment and reach your desired income. So, if you haven’t registered for that FREE Training yet, I recommend that you do so now. Here is a link to register:

I hope that this information has been helpful. If you've got any other questions, please do let me know! I'm here to help!  I'm passionate about helping women, like you, to start your own Creative Home businesses.  I’ve been in this Business, for around 20 years now. I started when my Babies were born and they are 22 and 18 years old now!  It’s been a wonderful business for me, which has allowed me to work from home and raise my children as a single parent. It's also a business that has survived all kinds of personal traumas and challenges. 

During my time in Business, I’ve experienced, Pregnancy Loss, Divorce and a Brain Hemorrhage a couple of years ago, that threatened to destroy everything. But despite all of this, I’m still here and so is my Business! The reason for this, is because I have built my Business, over the past 20 years, on strong foundations, with multiple revenue streams and marketable products, with high market-demand. These are all things that I want to teach you, not just how to make the products, but how to create a successful business, which will support you and your family and provide you with the time, money and freedom that we all desire. 

 I hope that this has helped, but if you would like to know more, please register for my Time & Freedom Webinar and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions within that FREE Training



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