Keepsake Supplies

Keepsake Supplies

Author : Michelle Williams

One of the most common questions I get asked, from people who are in the early stages of starting a hand casting business or Keepsake Jewellery Business, is were can I buy my onging Life Casting Materials and Keepsake Jewellery Supplies.

As one of the longest established and most experienced providers of Life Casting Training and Keepsake Jewellery Training, with over 20 years experience in the Keepsake Business Sector, we are ideally placed to direct you to all of the Hand Casting Materials and Keepake Jewellery Tools and Supplies that you will need for your Keepsake Business.

Over the past 20 years, helping women from all over the world to start their own successful Keepsake Businesses, we are ideally placed to direct you to all of the Jewellery Making and Life Casting Materials and will need. 

In fact, such is our reputation and credibility in the Life Casting & Keepsake Business Sector, we have beeen accepted as an Amazon Influencer, which means, that we are able to make independent recommendations on what we believe to be the best Life Casting Materials and Silver Clay Tools and Supplies, available to buy independently through Amazon.

So whatever you are looking for, from Baby Safe Alginate to Baby Casting Frames or Metal Clay Kilns to Metal Clay Kits, you will find everything that you need in our e-shop.

We are constantly trialing and testing new products and adding them to our Silver Clay e-shop and Life-Casting e-shop, so be sure to check back regularly. 

If there are any particular Life Casting or Silver Clay Tools or Supplies, that you are struggling to find, please let us now and we'll source them for you and add them to our e-shop.

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If you would like to learn more about starting our own  Baby Hand & Foot Casting Business, Pet Casting Business, or Keepsake Jewellery Business, please follow the link below to download our FREE Guide.

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