Keepsake Business Name Ideas

Keepsake Business Name Ideas

Author : Michelle Williams

How to come up with a Name for your Baby Casting Business or Keepsake Jewellery Business?

If you are thinking about starting a Baby Hand Casting Business or Keepsake Jewellery Business, you are probably quizzing yourself over Baby Casting Busines Names and Keepsake Business Name Ideas.  

If you are asking yourself, "What should I name my Business?" "How do I name a small business?" "How to I register my Business?"  "How do I secure a domain name?" you have come to the right place for all of the information you need on choosing a name and registering your Baby Casting Business or Keepsake Jewellery Business.  

Choosing a name for your Baby Casting Business or Keepsake Jewellery Business is exciting and helps bring the vision that you hold for your buisness to life.  This should be a fun and creative exercise, but if you're feeling a little stuck, here are a few tips, on how to choose a winning Business Name for your Baby Casting Business or Keepsake Jewellery Business.

When deciding upon a Baby Casting Business Names or Keepsake Business Name Ideas, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Memorable and easy to spell - your potential customers need to be able to remember your business name. But they also need to be able to find it easily if they are searching a directory or online. Naturallly, it's always good to be unique, but business names with complicated spellings are never a good idea.
  • A strong visual element  -  as humans we 'think in pictures, which means that as consumers, we are hard-wired to see images when reading or hearing marketing communiction.  So, incorporating a visual element (logo) into your business name is a powerful memory aid for consumers, not to mention a powerful branding and advertising component too. So make sure that your business name has a strong visual element incorporated into your branding strategy.
  • A positive connotation -  many words have both liiteral meaning and emotional meaning.. A word’s connotation (emotinal meaning) can be positive, neutral or negative, depending on the emotional associations that people make. So, when deciding upon a business name, be sure to choose words that have the positive connotations that you want people to associate with your brand.
  • Include information about what your business does -  the chances are that your business is not going to become an instantly recognisable grobabl brand, like Apple or Nike. So you need to be sure that your business name is not too vague and provides your potential customers with some clues about what you do.  Including information about what your business does in your business name also makes it easier for potential customers to find your business in searches (both off and online).
  • Short and concise - this is vital because you want customers and clients to be able to remember your business’s name and tell other people what it is. But it’s also important for marketing and promotional purposes. You should pick a business name,  that will fit well on a business cards and stationery and which will look good on leaflets, point of sale and other marketing materials.  It is also important from a domain name perspective.  You will want to select a business name and domain name, that is short, concise, easy to remember and which will show up well in online search. 

Other Business name considerations

There are other considerations which you should also take into account when deciding upon a name for your Baby Casting Business or Keepsake Jewellery Business, as follows:

  • Sole Trader Registration - If you are a sole trader, or intending to set up a partnership, there is no legal requirement to register your trading identity or alias, other than with the Inland Revenue. But many business people chose to register their business name with one of the many business names registers that exist within the UK, such as The National Business Register.
  • The National Business Register -  If you wish you to register your Business name, you can do so via The National Business Register. Their website is designed to help business start ups decide on which is the best legal structure for their new business.
    They offer free information, advice and support on setting up a new business, company, trademark, and brand or domain name information. All services are available online, including free instant name availability checks.
  • Protection against ‘Passing Off’ -  registering your business name provides some protection against other parties "passing off" as you and trading under the same name. However, if you do register your business name, it does not mean that you have any more right to use that name than a party who has not registered, although it will allow you to prove reasonably easily that you started using a particular business name on a particular date.
  • Declaration - : If you are setting up as a self employed sole trader, you must notify HMRC and register for self assessment. You should register as self employed straight away and if you do not register by 5th october in your businesses second year, you could be fined. You can find more details here:
  • Limited Company Registration -  If you are setting your business up as a limited liability company, rather than as a sole-trader, you need to register your company with Companies House. Limited companies have to register by law. You can find out more and register here:
  • Name Availability -  You can check at Companies House, to see if your chosen name is already in use, using their alphabetical online search.  Alternatively you can check name availability by visiting The National Business Register.
  • Trade Marks - if you wish you can also Trade Mark your name and logo. 
  • Domain Name Registration -  once you have decided on your business name, you will need to secure a domain name for your website. You will need to act fast, as often popular domain names can disappear extremely quickly. You can search and register domain names at, or

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