I miss my Dog Poem

I miss my Dog Poem

Author : Michelle Williams

I get so many messages from people who have lost a pet, wanting to know, "How do you honor a dog that has passed away?' or "How do you honor a Pet?"  They often they tell me, " I miss my dog so much it hurts,"  "My dog has died and my heart is broken,"  My dog has died and I am depressed."

If you are an animal lover who has been forced to endure the heart-break of having to say goodbye to a beloved pet, I know that you will relate to these sentiments too.

Inviting a dog into our lives is such a blessing.  They bring more joy and value into our lives than they could ever know.  But it this unique bond that we develop with our pets that triggers such heart-break, when that inevitable day arrives, when we have to say our final farewell.   It can literally feel as if your heart is broken and will never mend.

That is certainly how I felt, after loosing my beloved Dog, Daisy last year.  People may have thought "Oh it's just a Dog."  But as any dog lover knows, it is never "just a Dog."

For me, Daisy was my most loyal companion and best friend.  She was my running buddy and personal trainer.  She was my stress buster and therapy. She was my reason for getting up in the morning. Whenever I returned home excitedly to see her, she was always my laughter and joy.  

When you loose a dog, there are so many reminders of your loss.  The silence around the house can be deafening.  No pitter patter of their paws.  No jingle jangle of their collar.  No exuberant celebration at the front door when you return home.  It was this, that inspired me to write the following Pet Loss Poem, about Daisy, which I hope will help with your own healing and release, if you are currently grieving the loss of a beloved dog, or family pet.


“Coming Home” - by Michelle Williams

The worst thing now, about coming through the door,
Is, not having you there to greet us anymore,

We would come home excitedly to see your angelic face,
And you would welcome us so eagerly, with such amazing grace,

You would throw yourself down quickly on the floor,
And we’d tickle your tummy, as you’d beg for more,

Even if we we were gone, for just the shortest while,
We were always greeted, with your most endearing smile,

There is no welcome that could be better than yours,
We’re missing you so badly, of that you can be sure,

The void that’s been left, since you went away,
I fear in my heart, is here to stay,

So, if I could come home, just one more time,
I’d give anything to hold your precious little paws in mine.


If you found this Pet loss poem of comfort, you may wish to read some of the other Pet Loss and Pet Bereavement Poems that I wrote in the days and weeks after having to say goodbye to by beloved Dog, Daisy.

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