How to start a Pet Business

How to start a Pet Business

Author : Michelle Williams

If you are an animal lover searching for fun and unique Pet Business ideas, you're going to love some of Pet Business Opportunities outlined in this article.  First off, I'm going to start by answering some of the most frequently asked questions about how to start a Pet Business, which I hope will give you some clarity about what is the best, most profitable pet business to start and what pet products sell best.

How can I start my own Animal Business?

The first thing that you need to do when considering starting a Pet or Animal Business is research different types of Pet Business ideas to establish a profitable Pet Business niche.  Think about what types of Pet Products and Services are either trending or in demand, which you may be able to offer online or to your local pet market?

What is the most profitable Pet Business?

When thinking about what is the most profitable Pet Business, this is likely to be a Pet Business Opportunity, which does not require huge overheads, such as business premises and staff.  For example, maybe you could consider making and selling small pet supplies or dog accessories from home?  Or how about starting your own Pet Keepsake Business, helping pet lovers to capture their most precious memories, moments and bonds?

Online Pet Business Ideas

There are also many Online Pet Business Ideas that you could consider, which would enable you to start a Dog Accessory Business or an Online Pet Boutique.  If you want to specifically start an Online Pet Business, maybe you could start dropshipping Pet Products on Shopify which would mean that you do not need to hold stock or have the worry about managing inventory? Any Pet Products that you decide to dropship can also be complimented with your own unique range of Pet Keepsakes and Pet Memorials, which you can sell both online and offline.

As with any Business, you first need to pick a well defined market niche. When developing your Pet Business Plan, think about what pet niche you wish to focus on? If you try to sell to everyone, you end up selling to no-one, so, think carefully about your pet niche?  Do you want to focus on the Dog niche? The Cat Niche? The Equestrian Niche? Or some other Pet Niche entirely?  

How to start a Dog Accessory Business or an Online Pet Boutique?

If you like the idea of starting a Dog Accessory Business or an Online Pet Boutique, once again, pick a niche and think about what pet products are best to sell. If you are stumped for ideas, I recommend using a keyword planner to identify which types of pet products people are searching for online.  You can then get to work on creating your own pet products and services, or searching for Pet Suppliers to identify profitable pet products that you would like to offer through your dog accessory business or online pet boutique.

Fun Dog Business Ideas...

In the UK alone, approximately 45% of households own a pet, with the most popular pet type being a dog. In 2018, 26% of UK households owned a pet dog, compared to 18% who owned cats.  As a result, the dog market is the biggest and most profitable Pet Sector, so it is no suprise at all that many people are specifically looking for unique and fun dog business ideas.

In a survey conducted in 2016, 93% of respondents said owning a pet makes them happy and 88 percent said it improves their life.  In fact, people are increasingly treating their pets as humans, relying on them for companionship and gaining a sense of fulfillment from caring for their pets. Consequently, our pet's become much-loved members of our families, meaning that the Pet Keepsake Business Sector is booming and set to grow further.

In the UK alone, there are:

  • Over 9 million dogs and 8 million cats
  • As a nation, we spend over £10 billion per year on our dogs and £8 billion on our cats.
  • Over a quarter of pet lovers admit they like to pamper their pets.
  • 66% regularly buy gifts for their pets.

Because of this, the Pet Keepsake Business Sector is gaining pace quickly, with pet owners from all backgrounds, looking for unique ways to honor and remember their beloved pets.  Unfortunately, many of the Pet Paw Print Kits that are sold online and often used by Veterinary Surgeons, are made of very fragile, non-durable material, which often can not be easily duplicated or preserved.  Naturally, this is devastating for any pet parent, who is about to say their final farewell to their beloved pet.

This, combined with my own heart-breaking pet loss, is why I am so passionate about helping Animal lovers all over the world, to start their own Pet Keepsake Business, creating high-quality, everlasting, Pet Keepsakes and Pet Memorials for Pet Owners.

If you would like to start your own profitable Pet Business, making a difference in the lives of other pet lovers, this is a truly unique and rewarding opportunity!

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