How to say Goodbye to your Dog

How to say Goodbye to your Dog

Author : Michelle Williams

This is the first poem that I wrote, after my vet delivered the news that my beloved Dog, Daisy had cancer. I had only taken Daisy to the vets because she had started snoring very heavily. It didn't occur to me that they would find anything seriously wrong with Daisy. But, sadly, a scan revealed that she had a cancerous tumour in her throat, which had spread to her lungs.

I was told that Daisy only had weeks left to live and that she would deteriorate very quickly. It was all such a horrible shock and the heart-break of deciding between bringing her home and having her euthanized was agonizing.

I wrote this poem after making the heart-breaking decision that it would be kinder to let Daisy go, than to see her suffer.  

I hope that the words contained in this Pet Loss Poem, to my beautiful and irreplacable Dog, Daisy, will give you some comfort, if you too, are experincing the heart-break of having to say goodbye to a beloved Pet.  


"Goodbye My Sweet Angel" - by Michelle Williams


“She came into my life, this little dog,
and helped me through life’s deepest fog,

Through the darkness, she brought me light,
So many adventures we enjoyed and had in sight.

People would stop us in the street,

because my beautiful girl, they had to meet,

A more dazzling beauty they had never seen,

No one could deny, you are like a dream.

You introduced me to many new friends

and surely in you, heaven an angel did send,

But now it is time to say goodbye

and send your spirit to the sky.

I cannot watch you so frail and weak,

I know I must send you to your sleep,

No longer there to greet me at the door,

or make me smile anymore,

But when your tails last wag has waved,

I’ll know from pain and suffering you have been saved.

You brought more happiness than you will ever know,
But now my shattered heart, must let you go.

So goodnight my guardian angel and my friend,

though my heart will never mend,

I promise to stay with you until the end.

You are more loved than you will ever know,

so run free now my girl, to your sacred rainbow.” 


Read the other Pet Loss and Pet Bereavement Poems that I wrote in the days and weeks after having to say goodbye to by beloved Dog, Daisy.

For a long time after loosing Daisy I felt lost, I knew that I wanted to do something special in Daisy's honour, but I wasn't sure what.  As is so often the case, the answer was right in front of my eyes, I just couldn't see it.  

I have been helping women to start their own Baby Keepsake Businesses for the past 20 years, but until loosing Daisy, I had not widely publicised my Keepsake Courses and made them available for the Pet Keepsake Sector.

I was lucky, that I had already captured Daisy's Paw prints in Clay, cast her Paws in Plaster and created Silver Nose Print Jewellery and Silver Paw Print Jewellery from her beautiful little Paws and Nose.  But, after loosing Daisy, it became clearly apparent that the majority of pet owners, do not have my 20 years knowledge and experience of Life Casting and Jewellery making, so they do not have the luxury of knowing how to make these types of Pet Keepsake Products.  This means that the majority of Pet Owners often have to say a painful farewell to their beloved Pet, without any lasting keepsake or memorial to honor their Pet and remember them by.

Also, many of the Pet Paw Print Kits and Nose Print Kits that are sold online and often used by Veterinary Surgeons, are made of very fragile, non-durable material, which often can not be easily duplicated or preserved.

Needless to say, this is devastating for any pet parent, who is about to say their final farewell to their beloved pet. Or worse, has already had to say goodbye and does not have an everlasting and durable Pet Keepsake and Memorial to remember their beloved pet by.

So, it has been my own painful experience of loosing Daisy that has been the inspiration behind extending my market-leading series of Life Casting Courses and Keepsake Jewellery Courses and making them available for the Pet Keepsake Market.  This is because I want all Pet Owners to have the opportunity of having beautiful Pet Keepsakes and Pet Memorials made of their beloved Pets before it is time to say their final goodbye.

This is why I am so passionate about training Animal lovers to start their own Pet Keepsake Business, creating high-quality Pet Keepsakes and Pet Memorials for Pet Owners.

So, if you are an animal lover, interested in starting your own Pet keepsake Business, please download my FREE Guide on "Starting your own Pet Keepake Business."

Alternatively, if you are a Pet Owner, keen to have a Pet Keepsake made of your beloved pet, please browse our Directory of Pet Keepsake Artisans to find a Pet Keepsake Artisan near you.



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