How to preserve Clay Paw Print from Vet

How to preserve Clay Paw Print from Vet

Author : Michelle Williams

When faced with a poorly Dog, Pet lovers often decide that they want to have a Pet Keepsake made of their beloved Pet.  Often they ask themselves, "Do Vets take Paw Prints?" or "Do Vets do Paw Prints?" Quite often, the answer is "no' they do not, which is why we are seeking to expand our network of Pet Keepsake Artisans to help Pet Lovers create everlasting Pet Keepsake's of their devoted Dogs long before it is ever time to say that sad final goodbye.

Do Vets take Paw Prints?

On the rare occassions when Vets do take Paw Prints, they often do so, using Dog Paw Print Kits, which contain extremely fragile moulding materials.  In fact, I recently had a message from my good friend, Claire, who's dearly beloved Dog, Bailey, had died suddenly and unextpectedly. Sadly, all that Claire had to remember Bailey by, was a Paw Print from the Vet, which we soon discovered was extremely fragile and impossible to preserve.

Claire got in touch to ask me how to preserve Bailey's Clay Paw Print fom the Vet. Unfortunately, the moulding material used in the Vet's Paw Print Kit, was not Clay, but a material described by the manufacturer, as being a type of foam, similar to florists oasis, which doesn't harden and which can be easily damaged if touched.   Sadly, for Claire, this meant that Bailey's Paw Prints could not be copied, duplicated or preserved.  The only potential option, would be to take a photograph of the Paw Prints, which could then be used to create an everlasting piece of Silver Pet Paw Print Jewellery (depending upon the quality of the original print and the resulting photograph).

How to make a copy of Clay Paw Prints from the Vet?

I have had similar inquiries from other Pet lovers about Paw Prints after death and Paw Prints of a deceased pet, asking how to preserve Clay Paw Prints and how to make a copy of Clay Paw Prints from the Vet? Once again, it always depends upon the original material used to take the Paw impressions.  If it is not the florists type foam, ofen the prints are taken using air-dry clay, which once again, is extremely fragile, deteriorate's over time and which can crumble when touched.  

Certainly preserving or making a copy of a Clay Paw Print, is not something that can easily be done at home, DIY. You would need the skill, knowledge and expertise of a professionally trained  Pet Keepsake Artisan, who can determine the fragility of the moulding material and whether it can be preserved or copied.

If the only Pet Paw Print Keepsake that you have to remember and honor your deceased Pet by, is made using a fragile molding material, such as foam or air-dry clay, any self-respecting Pet Keepsake Artisan may be reluctant to risk attempting to preserve or make a copy of your Pet's Paw Print, for fear of damaging the original paw print.

This is why, where possible, I would always recommend that Pet Owners have professional Pet Keepsake's made of their much loved Pet's, way in advance of any potential health issues, by reaching out to their nearest Pet Keepsake Artisan.  

Sadly, I realise that this is not always possible.  Therefore, if you are in the unfortunate position, where time is of the essence and you are unable to secure the services of a professional Pet Keepsake Artisan, before you have to say goodbye to your Dog, I would recommend that you take some Ink Paw Prints of your dog, which can then be used at a later stage to create a beautiful and everlasting piece of Silver Paw Print Jewellery by your nearest Pet Keepsake Artisan.

What Ink do you use for Paw Prints?

Ideally, you should use an Inkless Wipe Kit to take your Dog's Paw Prints as this is completely safe and non-toxic.  Once you have taken the prints, all you need to do is photograph them and email them to your nearest Pet Keepsake Artisan, who will be able to create a beautiful piece of Silver Pet Paw Print Jewellery for you.

If time is of the essence and you don't have time to order an Inkless Wipe Kit, here are a few other options for taking your Dogs Paw Prints.

  1. Make sure your dog's paws are clean before you begin.  Wipe them down with a damp cloth or towel, then gently pat them dry. 
  2. Set aside a white piece of card or paper to take the prints, along with some non toxic, washable paint.  
  3. Use a water-based paint which is easy to clean up, such as washable finger paints, which are child and dog friendly.
  4. If your dog is unable to stand, use a Craft Paint Brush to apply the paint to your dogs Paw Pads. If your dog can stand, simply dip you dog's paw into a shallow tray containing the paint, such as a suitably sized tupperware dish.
  5. Next, place your piece of card or paper onto a firm surface, such as a clip board or book, then gently press your dog paw prints onto the paper for a couple of seconds.
  6. Lift your dogs paw up and wash it. 
  7. Ideally take more than one paw print to make sure you get a good paw print keepsake.

Ink is another option for taking your Dog's Paw Prints, but this method, is likely to be more messy and difficult to clean up. Regardless of whether you intend to use paint or ink,  remember to check that it is safe for your dog and non-toxic. 

How do I start my own Pet Business?

Have you ever considered starting your own Pet Business?  How would you feel about combining your love of animals with starting your own Pet Keepsake Business, helping other pet lovers to capture their most precious memories, moments and bonds?

As an Animal Lover myself, having experienced my own heart-breaking Pet Loss, I'm passionate about training animal lovers all over the world, to start their own Pet Keepsake Business, creating high-quality, everlasting, Pet Keepsakes and Pet Memorials for other Pet Owners.

If you would like to start your own profitable Pet Business, making a difference in the lives of other pet lovers, this is a truly unique and rewarding opportunity!

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