How to make a Paw Print of your Dog

How to make a Paw Print of your Dog

Author : Michelle Williams

If you are browsing the internet looking for 'How to make a Paw Print of your Dog?' or wondering 'How do I print my Pets Paws?' you have come to the right place!

I get dozens of enquiries every day asking me " How do I make a Paw Print Keepsake?"  The first question that I need to ask you, is what kind of Paw Print Keepsake do you want to make? There are so many fun and creative ways to make everlasting Pet Paw Print Keepsakes, which any Pet Lover would treasure forever.

How do you make a Dog Paw Print out of Clay?

If you want to make a Dog Paw Print out of Clay, there are a few ways to do it.  You can either make an Air Dry Clay Paw Print or use Polymer Clay to create an Oven Bake Clay Paw Print.  These are probably the cheapest and most cost effective ways to create a DIY Paw Print.  However, Air Dry Clay and Polymer Clay is not the best type of Clay to use, if you want to create an everlasting Paw Print Keepsake, to truly honor your Pet and which will stand the test of time.

If you want to make a Dog Paw Print out of Clay, which is high quality and everlasting, I would recommend that you find a professional pet Keepsake Artisan to make a Dog Paw Print out of fired Ceramic Clay. Making a Dog Paw Print out of Ceramic Clay is not something that you can do at home, as it requires specialist knowledge and expertise in creating Ceramic Pet Keepakes and the use of a Ceramic Kiln.

The wonderful thing about Dog Paw Prints made out of Ceramic Clay, is that they are professionaly crafted, painted and kiln fired, to bring out all of the beautiful detail of you Dog's Paw Prints. But, the best thing is, because the Paw Prints are kiln fired, they will be completely durable and everlasting, unlike air-dry clay and Polymer Clay Paw Prints, which flake away and deteriorate over time.

So, if you are looking for the perfect way to honor and remember your beloved Dog, Paw Prints in Ceramic Clay are an excellent choice.  However, if you are looking for a few different ideas to make a paw print of your Dog, here are a few other suggestions.

How to make a Dog Paw Print in Plaster

If you want to learn how to make a Dog Paw Print in Plaster, we teach this technique on our 2D Plaster Paw Prints Course.  It involves taking the Paw Print molds in Ceramic Clay and then creating a Plaster Cast from the Clay Mould. This technique for making Pet Paw Prints, is much easier than making Ceramic Clay Paw Prints and does not require the use of a Kiln.  There are also several ways that you can decorate the the Clay or Plaster Paw Prints, depending upon personal choice and style.  You may wish to leave the plaster paw Prints white and then add a terracotta wash or patina, or apply a paint and wax to create a faux metal finish.  We teach all of these techniqes on our 2D Plaster Paw Prints Course.

How to cast a Dogs Paw

The other alternative to make a Paw Print of your Dog, is to Cast your Dog's Paw in Plaster.  This technique is a more complicated, as it involves creating the paw print mold in alginate and then casting in plaster.  Once, again, I would always recommed that you seek a Pet Keepsake Artisan, who is properly trained and qualified in Pet Paw Casting and Dog Paw Casting to ensure that this is done correctly and safely.  Unfortunately, I have seen many articles on the internet, suggesting that you can take Paw Prints directly in Plaster, which would be very dangerous indeed.  A Pet's Paw Prints should never be taken in Plaster.  It is always important to use a medium, such as clay or alginte for taking the paw prints, which you can then cast in plaster, resin or other materials.

How can I get my Dogs Paw Print on a Necklace?

Another common question that I get asked is "How can I get my Dogs Paw print on a Necklace?" If this is something that you have been wondering yourself, perhaps you would like to learn how to make Silver Pet Paw Print Jewelry? This is such a beautiful way to honor and remember your Dog, as it will enable you to capture your Dog's Paw Prints on personalised Paw Print Jewellery and Paw Print Gifts.  On our Silver Pet Paw Print Jewellery Course, we will teach you what ink you use for Paw Prints and how to transfer the Paw prints to create beautiful Pet Paw Print Jewellery, including; Paw Print Necklace, Paw Print Bracelet, Paw Print Charm, Paw Print Cufflinks and Paw Print Keyrings.

How can I start my own Animal Business?

If you would like to combine your love of animals with starting your own Pet and Animal Business, why not consider starting your own Pet Keepsake Business?  

Did you know that:

  • There are over 9 million dogs and 8 million cats.
  • As a nation, we spend over £10 billion per year on our dogs and £8 billion on our cats.
  • Over a quarter of pet lovers admit they like to pamper their pets.
  • 66% regularly buy gifts for their pets.

The Pet Keepsake Sector is gaining increasing pace and popularity, with pet owners from all backgrounds, looking for unique ways to honor and remember their beloved pets.  This is compounded by the fact that, many of the Pet Paw Print Kits that are sold online and often used by Veterinary Surgeons, are made of very fragile, non-durable material, which often can not be easily duplicated or preserved.  Naturally, this is devastating for any pet parent, who is about to say their final farewell to their beloved pet. (Or worse, has already had to say goodbye and does not have an everlasting Pet Keepsake to remember their beloved pet by).

This, combined with my own heart-breaking Pet Loss, is why I am so passionate about training animal lovers all over the world, to start their own Pet Keepsake Business, creating high-quality, everlasting, Pet Keepsakes and Pet Memorials for Pet Owners.

If you would like to start your own profitable Pet Business, making a difference in the lives of other pet lovers, this is a truly unique and rewarding opportunity!

To find our more, please browse my full series of Pet Keepsake Business Training Courses or download my FREE Guide on 'Starting your own Pet Keepsake Business.