How to make a Dog Paw Print in Plaster

How to make a Dog Paw Print in Plaster

Author : Michelle Williams

I get many enquiries from pet lovers, aspiring to start their own Pet Keepsake Business, who want to know, "How do you make a plaster mold for a dogs paw?" and "How do you make a Dog Paw Print in Plaster?

What many people do not know, is that there are in fact a couple of ways to do Dog Paw Casting and make a dog Paw Print in Plaster.

The first way is to make 2D Plaster Paw Prints in Clay and the other is to make a 3D Cast of the Dogs Paw, using alginate.  These two methods of making Plaster Paw Prints are very different and use different materials and casting methods, which I will briefly explain below.

How do you make Plaster Paw Prints? 

If you are hoping to start your own Pet Keepsake Business and want to know how to make a paw print of your dog and specifically how to make a paw print with plaster, the first technique involves making a Paw Print mold in clay, from which you can then create a 2 Dimensional cast of the Dog's Paw Prints in Plaster.  There are then a variety of ways to shape, finish and decorate the Plaster Paw Prints, as we demonstrate on our 2D Plaster Paw Prints Course.

If you wish to learn how to make Dog Paw Prints in Plaster, we cover all aspects of this in our Plaster Paw Print Keepsake Course and we provide everything you need make Plaster Paw Prints in our Plaster Paw Print Mold Kit.

Pet Paw Casting - How do you Cast a Dogs Paw?

Alternatively, if you wish to learn how to cast a dogs paw print, using the fine art of Life Casting, this involves making a paw print mold, using alginate, from which you can then create a three dimensional Paw Casting.  This results in a 3D life sized statuette of a dogs paw which captures all the fine detail in 3D quality.

With this method of Pet Paw Casting, you can even cast a dogs paw and owners hand together to create a beautiful and everlasting Paw and Hand Cast, which captures the magical bond between dog and owner. You can see a few examples of this on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

If you wish to discover how to do 3D Pet Casting and how to cast Dogs and other animals paws, we teach all of this on our Pet Casting Course and provide everything you need in our Pet Paw Casting Starter Kit.

I hope that you have found this very quick overview of the different ways to make Dog Paw Prints in Plaster helpful.  However, these are just two of many ways to help pet lovers keep a paw print keepsake of their beloved pet.  If you would like more ideas, please browse my series of Pet Keepsake Courses, to discover more beautiful and innovative ways to help animal lovers honor and memorialize their pets.

How do I start my own Pet Business?

Have you ever considered starting your own Pet Business? How would you feel about combining your love of animals with starting your own Pet Keepsake Business, helping other pet lovers to capture their most precious memories, moments and bonds?

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If you would like to start your own profitable Pet Business, making a difference in the lives of other pet lovers, this is a truly unique and rewarding opportunity!

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