How to make a Copy of a Clay Paw Print?

How to make a Copy of a Clay Paw Print?

Author : Michelle Williams

If you are wondering how to make a copy of a Clay Paw print? Or how to preserve a Clay Paw Print there are a couple of things that you need to consider. I am often asked this question by people who have a Clay Paw Print from the Vet, who have taken Paw Prints after death.  In this case, it is only natural to ask, "How do I keep my Paw Print Keepake?" The first thing that you need to clarify, is what the Pet Paw Print Keepsakes are made of?

How do I keep my Paw Print Keepsake?

Quite often you may assume that when your vets do paw prints of your pet, that they have done so using Clay.  However, in many cases they have used a Dog Paw Print Kit made up of very fragile moulding materials, which cannot easily be duplicated or copied.

As an example, my friend, Claire, who recently lost her beloved Dog, Bailey, got in touch to ask me how to preserve Bailey's Paw Print fom the Vet. Unfortunately, the Clay Paw Print from the Vet, was not Clay,  but an inferior material, described by the manufacturer, as being similar to florists oasis.  When enquiring about this, we were told that the molding material used, did not harden or cure, making it extremely fragile and easily damaged if touched.

Sadly, for Claire, this meant that Bailey's Paw Prints could not be copied, duplicated or preserved. The only option, in this case, would be to take a photograph of the Paw Prints, which one of our Pet Keepsake Artisans could then transfer to a piece of everlasting Silver Pet Paw Print Jewellery.

How to Preserve and Decorate Clay Paw Print?

If you are certain that the Clay Paw Print from your Vet is made out of Clay, it may be possible to copy or preserve it, by either casting the paw prints in plaster or creating a silicone mold to produce further copies of the Paw Prints. However, if this is the only Paw Print that you have of your deceased pet, in most cases, it may be best to leave it as it is, because, depending upon the type of clay that has been used to take the mold, it may be very fragile. If you wish, assuming that the clay seems firm to the touch and durable, you could paint and seal the paw prints, by using an acryllic paint of your choice, which you can then seal with a UV matt or gloss varnish. This will not only preserve and seal the paw print but will also protect it from UV light.

How to make a Dog Paw Print In Plaster?

People often ask me, how to make a copy of a Clay Paw Print by casting it in Plaster.  This is best done, using a very soft clay to take the paw prints, which should then be cast as soon as possible whilst the clay is still soft.  If the clay is left to dry, not only will it be more fragile to cast and demould but, without the use of an appropriate release agent, you may find that the plaster sticks to the clay mould, making it difficult or impossible to release.

Preserving or making a copy of a Clay Paw Print, is not something that can easily be done at home, without the appropriate knowledge and training, which is why I would always recommend that you take advice from your nearest Pet Keepsake Artisan, who can determine the fragility of the moulding material used and whether it can be preserved or copied.

Clay Paw Print Memorial

If the only Pet Paw Print Keepsake that you have to remember your deceased Pet by, is made of a fragile molding material, you may find many Pet Keepsake Artisans are reluctant to risk damaging your original paw print, by attempting to copy or preserve it. In this case, as mentioned previously, photographing it, in order to make a piece of Silver Pet Paw Print Jewellery, will probably be the safest option.

This is why, where possible, I would always recommend that Pet Owners have professional Pet Keepsake's made of their Pet's, when they are healthy and well, before any potential health issues arise.  This will avoid being placed in the heart-breaking position of worrying how to copy or preserve a clay paw print from the vet.  There will be many options that you can choose from, including Clay Paw Prints, Plaster Paw Prints, 3D Dog Paw Castings, Silver Paw Print Jewellery and Silver Pet Nose Print Jewellery.

Sadly, I realise that this is not always possible. Therefore, if you are in the unfortunate position, where time is of the essence and you are unable to secure the services of a professional Pet Keepsake Artisan, before you have to say goodbye to your beloved Pet, I would recommend that you take some Paw Prints of your dog on paper or card, which can then be used at a later stage to create a beautiful and everlasting piece of Silver Paw Print Jewellery by your nearest Pet Keepsake Artisan.

How to get a Paw Print on a Card?

If you wish to get a Paw Print on Card or Paper, I would suggest that you use an Inkless Paw Print Kit to take your Dog's Paw Prints as this is completely safe and non-toxic.  However, if you need to take your pets paw prints quickly and you do not have time to order an Inkless Paw Print Kit, you can take your dogs paw prints, by using a water-based paint, such as children's finger paints, which are non toxic and easy to clean up.

  • Set aside a white piece of card or paper to take the prints, along with some non toxic, washable paint.
  • If your dog is unable to stand, use a craft paint brush to apply the paint to your dogs Paw Pads.
  • If your dog can stand, simply dip you dog's paw into a shallow tray containing the paint, such as a suitably sized tupperware dish.
  • Next, place your piece of card onto a firm surface, such as a clip board or book, then gently press your dog paw prints onto the paper for a couple of seconds.
  • Lift your dogs paw up and wash it.
  • Ideally take more than one paw print to make sure you get a good paw print keepsake.

Once you have your Pet's Paw Prints on paper or card, you can scan them into a computer and alter the colour, if you wish, to create your own DIY Pet Paw Print Keepsake, which you can frame alongside a photo of your beloved Pet.  Alternatively, you can have your Pets Paw Prints made into a piece of everlasting Silver Pet Paw Print Jewellery, by sending a copy of your dog or cats paw prints to your nearest Pet Keepake Artisan.

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