How to make Paw Print Jewellery?

How to make Paw Print Jewellery?

Author : Michelle Williams

If you are wondering "How can I get my Dogs Paw Print on a Necklace?" and want to know how to make Paw Print Jewelery, you have come to the right place.

The first stage in getting your dogs paw print on a necklace begins with taking their paw prints on paper.

What Ink do you use for Paw Prints?

At this stage you are probably wondering what ink to use for taking the paw prints?  Using ink to take a dog's paw prints would not only be extremely messy, but can be potentially harmful, as most inks are toxic. You will therefore, need to take your dog's paw prints with a Silver Pet Paw Prints Kit.  This is a non toxic inkless wipe kit which involves, gently wiping the dogs paw with an inkless wipe and then placing your dog's paw down onto the special paper included in the kit. Once you remove your dog's paw you will see your dog's paw prints gradually begin to develop and appear on the paper.

How can I get my Dogs Paw Print on a Necklace?

Once you have your Dog's Paw Prints on paper, you can then begin the process of transferring the Paw Prints onto your own piece of personalised Paw Print Jewellery, which can include Paw Print Necklaces, Paw Print Bracelet's, Paw Print Charms, Paw Print Cufflinks, Paw Print Keyrings, Silver Hoof Prints and many other types of Pet Paw Print Jewellery and personalised Paw Print Gifts. 

The process of getting your Dogs Paw Print onto a Silver Pet Print Necklace, then involves uploading your dog's paw print to a desk-top publisher, to invert the image and create a negative.  From this, one of our highly trained Pet Keepsake Artisans, can then create a polymer stamp, which is then used to get your Dog's Paw Print onto a custom made piece of fine siver Pet Paw Print Jewellery.

How to make Paw Print Jewelery?

If you wish to learn how to make Silver Paw Print Jewelery and start your own fun and rewarding Pet Keepsake Business, we teach everything that you need to know on our Silver Pet Paw Print Jewellery Course, including:

  • How to take Pets Paw Prints
  • How to tidy up the Paw Prints to make Silver Pet Paw Print Jewelry
  • How to miniatuirse the Pet's Paw prints and invert the image
  • How to transfer the Paw Prints onto Silver Jewellery
  • Sanding, engraving and personalising the Silver Pet Paw Print Jewellery
  • Firing & soldering the Silver Pet Paw Print Jewellery
  • Finishing, polishing and mounting your Silver Pet Paw Print Jewellery onto findings.

How to start a Silver Pet Print Jewellery Business?

If you are interested in knowing how to get your own Dogs Paw Print onto a Necklace and learning how to make custom Paw Print Jewelery, have you ever considered starting your own Pet Keepsake Business? This is an extremely fun and rewarding opportunity, which will enable you to combine your love of animals, with helping other pet lovers to capture their most precious memories, moments and bonds.

As an animal lover myself, having experienced my own heart-breaking pet loss, I'm passionate about training animal lovers all over the world, to start their own Pet Keepsake Business, creating high-quality, everlasting, Pet Keepsakes and Pet Memorials for other pet owners.

So, If you would like to start your own profitable Pet Keepsake Business, making a difference in the lives of other pet lovers, this is a truly unique and rewarding opportunity!

To find our more, please browse my full series of Pet Keepsake Business Training Courses or download my FREE Guide on 'Starting your own Pet Keepsake Business.


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