How to make Fingerprint Jewellery

How to make Fingerprint Jewellery

Author : Michelle Williams

There are a variety of techniques available to make Fingerprint Jewellery. You can place your finger straight into silver clay, or there is a method of using moulding compounds, and a more recent technique is flattie prints, which magnifies the detail and is more durable in the silver.

A fingerprint is usually properly formed on a baby’s finger after 1 year, so double check the age of the child and if your customer is happy to have an indentation rather than a full print if there are under 1 year or they have no fingerprint definition. This is important when making fingerprint jewellery as most of the time the customer will want to see all the lines in the finished piece of jewellery.

Here at the Craft Ecademy we do recommend using the compound or the flattie print method to make Fingerprint Jewellery, as opposed to putting prints straight into silver clay. This can be more problematic if you are having to transport the prints in the clay. This could be because you were at a playgroup, a fair or at a customer’s home.

If the silver clay is not properly dried the impression could be damaged in transit, equally you could drop the dried silver clay on the floor and it could crack in half. In this instance you would need to ask the customer back again or go and visit them. Reputation is key when starting up a business making fingerprint jewellery so avoiding this problem is vital.

There are many moulding compounds on the market, they are all very similar and will give you the same finished result when making Fingerprint Jewellery.

Flattie prints are slightly different, and really give nice vintage feel to the fingerprint jewellery, they allow you to magnify the detailed part of the print and because you are able to set the detail in deeper into the silver clay, it is far more durable in the finished silver.   

Silver clay is a fine pure silver which is mixed with an organic binder, this is what makes the clay so versatile so we are able to incorporate fingerprints into the jewellery as well as handprints, footprints, handwriting, drawings and even pet prints.

At the Craft Ecademy we offer studio courses with our Accredited Trainer or online courses to teach you the skills and techniques required to make fingerprint jewellery.

We also offer Starter Kits which include everything you need to get started with your fingerprint jewellery business.

Once you have trained with us you will also receive 1 month’s free membership to the Keepsake Guild where you can ask for help and advise as well as a dedicated helpdesk to answer any specific queries you may have.


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