How to Start a Successful Keepsake Business

How to Start a Successful Keepsake Business

Author : Michelle Williams

Key Factors of starting a successful Keepake Business

Most people make the choice to start their own Baby Casting Business or Fingerprint Jewellery Business, as a result of a life-changing event or because of a lifestyle choice. Most commonly this is to allow them to work around childcare arrangements, or to spend more time with their family. However, in my experience, many people, don’t always give enough thought to what makes a business successful.

For some people, they try to do things on the cheap, without investing in the appropriate Life Casting Training Courses or Keepsake Jewellery Courses and cutting corners on their tools and equipment.  Sadly, some people think that they can start their Baby Life Casting Business or Keepsake Jewellery Business, after simply buying a DIY Casting Kit and '"having a go," by attempting Baby Casting DIY.  Others believe that they will be able to start their own successful Keepsake Business, simply by watching a few short clips on youtube, falsely believing that this is all they will need to know.  

If this is your strategy, I'm sorry to say, your business is extremely unlikely to bare financial fruit and prove the test of time.  The only guarantee, if this is your strategy, is that you will waste money on materials, create poor quality products, generate a stream of unsatisfied customers, customer complaints and returns.

The truth is, if you are not willing to invest time and money into YOURSELF and the appropriate Kepsake Training Courses, Tools and Equipment and Business Strategy, all you are likely to do, is create an expensive hobby, rather than a profitable business.  So my question to you is;  Do you want to start and build a successful Keepsake Business? Or do you just want to play at it?

If you're serious about  starting a profitable and successful Keepsake Business, you've got to start with investing in yourself.  Why?  Because YOU are your most important business asset. 

As any successful Business Owner or Entrepreneur will tell you, one of the key strengths in any business, is the owner! That means …YOU!

So if you want to start and build a successful Keepsake Business, you need to ask yourself a couple of important questions.

The first and most important question is; "If you are the no. 1 factor that will determine the success of your business, how will you go about building the business of you?" 

  • Are you prepared to invest in the necessary Keepsake Training and Business Support?
  • Can you commit plenty of time and effort to your Keepsake Business?
  • Are you good at managing money?
  • Can you live without income for a while, whilst you develop your Keepake Business?
  • Have you considered how much you will need to earn to cover your living expenses?
  • Are you clear on your Business and life Objectives?
  • Do you have clear goals?
  • Do you have a supportive network of friends and family?
  • Are you a good decision maker with strong will power?
  • Are you well organised and a good planner?
  • Are you friendly and personable?

People buy from people, it is your own personality and values that will draw customers to you.  So, make sure that your personality and core values are reflected in your brand, messaging and everything you do.  As well as all of the personal characteristics that are necessary to build a successful Baby Life Casting Business or Keepsake Jewellery Business, there are some other key factors that will influence and determine your success. These include:

  • Create Multiple Revenue Streams - the most successful Businesses are those that have multiple revenue streams built into their Business. The more products you have to offer, the more opportunities you have to sell! So, seek to offer a wide collection of Keepsake Products & Services within your chosen niche, because this will enable you to appeal to a far wider market! For example,  if you only offer 3D Baby Hand Castings, you are restricted to selling only to those people who like that particular product.  But, if you extend your range to offer, for example, Resin Castings,  2D Prints,  Clay Imprints, Fingerprint Jewellery and Handprint Jewellery, for example, you will automatically widen your target market and increase your sales potential.
  • Write a Business and Marketing Plan - this is vital to the success of your Keepake Business. Why? Well to put it simply,  "How can you get to where you want to go, if you have no idea where you want to go or how to get there?"  You can't! A Business Plan is like a guiding compass to keep your business on track.  Here is some guidance on how to develop your own Business and Marketing Plan.
  • Develop a Strong Brand Strategy - too many people try to develop a 'DIY Brand' which does not reflect the quallity of their producs and services.  Consequently their products don't sell.  Developing a strong Brand Strategy is vital to the success of your Keepake Business, because it improves regognition and builds trust, helps to attract your ideal customers to your business, positions you above and away from your competition, prevents you being forced to compete on price and enables you to win more customers, who are willing to pay more.  So, never try to short-cut on developing your Brand Strategy and Identity.
  • Set Goals and Track your Results  -  one of the biggest mistakes I see people making, is lack of planning and consistency with their marketing.  Set goals and stick to them.  Make sure that you track your results regularly to ensure that you stay on course to reach your marketing and financial objectives.  This is all part and parcel of your Business Planning.
  • Take advantage of seasonal trading patterns - be prepared and take advantage of seasonal peaks and troughs. For may Keepsake Business Owners, the last quater of the year, is usually incredibly busy.  In fact, many of our Guild Members take up to 70% of their sales during 40% of the year.  Whiilst many of the products that I teach you to create, have a sales pattern which remains consistent year-round, some items, such as Keepsake Jewellery, are more aligned with a sales pattern of gift items, which attracts peaks in sales at different times of the year, such as, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day etc.  So, it's important that you are ready and prepared to take advantage of these sales peaks, by building this into your sales and marketing plans.  This will help to ensure that you are optimised for the busy sales periods, whilst developing innovative ways to increase sales during the leaner periods, by offering promotions and special offfers etc. 
  • Good Financial Awareness - this is absolutely key to success.  You need to be systematic and organised in keeping track of your finances, so that you don't run into trouble.  Remember also to make sure that you put money aside for your tax bills and use common sense when purchasing for your Business. The most common reason that businesses fail is due to poor cash-flow.  Remember,  "Revenue is vanity, margin is sanity BUT Cash is King!"

It’s all about YOU!

As I’ve already said, one of the key strengths in any Business, is the owner. So, when it comes down to the key ingredient that will make your Keepsake Business a success - It’s all about you!

To succeed, It’s important that you have the right mindset. There will ups and downs and obstacles to overcome in any business, so It’s important that you remain positive, committed and determined.  You’ll need to build your muscle of resilience, so that you can bounce back after any disappointments.  Expect failures and lessons along the way and realise that these are part of the journey. View your failures as opportunities to learn and grow, rather than seeing them as unsurmountable defeats.

The most successful people have a positive mindset. They are optimistic and resilient. There is a big difference between the success of people who have a positive attidude, rather than a negative perspective.  Negative people struggle to accomplish anything positive because they let circumstances control their attitude. Don't let that be you!

During the first few months of your new business venture and beyond, you can be sure that you will face certain hurdles and disappointments along the way. During these times, don’t give up! Realise that each step you consitently take will ultimately lead you closer to your goal.

Typically there are two types of people;  People who give up easily and tend to exaggerate the size of their problems. These people tend to refuse to find solutions to their problems, believing that everything is outside of their control.  They normally get easily disheartened if things don’t go their way and are unlikely to succeed in Business.

Tthe second kind of person, has a positive mindset, does not easily give up and if they fail, or their Business is not performing the way they had hoped, they will make changes or find a solution to their problems. These kind of people strive to work harder and they are most likely to be successful in whatever they do.  This CAN be you! :-) 

Running a Business can be extremely difficult and certainly there will be no rewards without a lot of hard work and determination. Remember to always take the highs with the low’s and remain positive.  Always strive to find solutions to overcome the hurdles that you are likely to face!  Rome was not built in a day.  Success does not happen overnight.  It is the result of hard work and committment and consistent steps in the right direction.

Adopting a Positive Mindset

As you can see the Numer 1 biggest influence over whether your Keepsake Business will be a successs or not, is YOU!  So, as a Business Owner  it’s important to work on developing your mindset.

There are lots of personal development techniques and practises that you could try, including, meditation,visualisation, reciting positive affirmations, journaling and practising daily gratitude.  There are also tons of personal development books, audios and podcasts that you could listen to.

If I ever feel anything less than optimistic I love reading or listening to Napoleon Hills ‘Think and Grow Rich’ on audiabe as it really helps to put me back into a positive and productive state of mind. 

I hope that you have found this article helpful?  But, If you are new to starting a Baby Casting Business or Fingerprint Jewellery Business and you need a little extra help in starting and growing your Business, I have over 20 years Business and Marketing experience in the Life Casting and Keepsake Business Sector, which I'd love to share with you.

Apart from offering a market leading series of Life Casting Courses and Keepsake Jewellery Courses, I also offer a growing collection of Business and Marketing e-courses, designed to help you Start, Launch and Grow your Keepsake Business. I also offer a range of "Done for you' Marketing Services", to help with building your Brand Identity and Website.

I hope that this information is of value to you, but if you have any further questions, please message me and I'll be happy to help!

If you are right at the begining of your journey of considering starting a Baby Life Casting Business or Keepsake Jewellery Business, check out the additional links and resources below and register for my FREE Mini Course on "How to Start your own Creative Home Business."