How to Create a Website for my Keepsake Business

How to Create a Website for my Keepsake Business

Author : Michelle Williams

So, you've completed your Keepsake Business Training Courses and you're in the early stages of starting your Keepsake Business?

You've decided on your Business Name  and now you're ready to think about developing a Website for your Keepsake Business?

Should I have a website for my Keepsake Business?

If you are in the early stages of starting your Keepsake Business you may be asking yourself, “Do I need a Website for my Business?”  

Unless you’re a small business who is not interested in growing your brand, the answer is “Yes,” you definitely need a Website.

Luckily, building a business website or ecommerce store is easier than ever!

  • It doesn’t need to cost much money.
  • You don’t have to know how to code or design.
  • Your Online Store can 'stay open all hours.'
  • It’s one of the best means of free advertising.

If you’re still not sure how having a website will help you grow your Keepsake usiness? Or maybe you’re still wondering, ‘Why does my business need a website?’  Here's a few very good reasons why:

Your customers expect it

Think about it. Would you trust a business that didn’t have a website?  If you don’t have a business website, your customers may look elsewhere.

It provides social proof

90% of consumers claim that Online Reviews influence their buying decisions and whilst you could rely on Google, Yelp and other review sites to host reviews for your business, it makes sense to generate those reviews from your own site.

Retain Control of your Brand Integrity

You can't control what others say about you on Social Media, but you can influence public perception by creating your own story and customer journey on your own business website. For example, a regular blog helps business owners get their message, mission, and expertise out in front of their target audience faster than almost any other medium and helps customers to find them through improved search engine optimisation (SEO).  In addition, social icons linking to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social platforms make sharing your content easier for your visitors who like what they see.

It's Cost Effective

A well thought out and developed website, will allow you to position your company to reach thousands more potential customers, for far less money, than you would spend mailing out leaflets and brochures by traditional mail.

You don’t need extensive Technical Skills

Nowadays there are many intuitive, user-friendly website builders that you can use to create a business website, very quickly and easily, with no prior experience.

Your competitors all have Websites

Consumers typically start their buying journey with research and recommendations from friends, family and and social network connenctions.  Research shows that once a consumer has an idea of what they need or want, they begin researching, with 72% of them going online to find information, reviews, and testimonials.  So if your Keepsake Business is not online and not showing up on google, you’re giving your competitors a winning advantage and your customers a reason to buy elsewhere.

Stay Open all Hours

Having a business website or ecommerce store means that you can ‘stay open’ and sell products 24-7, whether you are physically open for business or not. This means you are not restricted to sales purely during ‘normal office hours.’  Having an e-commerce website with an online store can drive a dramatic boost in sales, especially when you factor in additional customers who are not restricted by local geography.

You’ll show up in Google search Results

Apparently 81% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase. They do this by searching relevant keywords on Google, relating to the product or service that they are looking for.   This means, if you don’t have a website for your business, the chances of showing up on the search engine results page are zero. But if you have a website, you can optimize it for search engines, by creating keyword rich content, which will increase your chances of appearing on Google’s top search results and getting more visibility with potential customers.

So, If you're serious about your Keepsake Business, you've got to be serious about developing a Business Website and putting your business online.  Thankfully, anyone can create a website, very easily from scratch, without knowing anything about web development, design or coding, by using one of the many website builders, that are extremely popular nowadays.

What are Website Builders?

Website builders are online tools that make building your own website extremely quick and easy. They offer a cheaper alternative to hiring a web designer and give you a cost-effective and user-friendly way to build your own website.

I have outlined below some of the most popular Website Builders of 2020, that you may like to consider.  Many of them offer 14 day free trials, so that you can play around and see how you get on:

• Wix
• Squarespace
• Weebly
• Wordpress
• GoDaddy
• Shopify
Constant Contact

Customized Website Development

Alternatively, we can create a fully functioning e-commerce website for you, specifically tailored to the Keepsake Sector!

This unique Marketing Start Up Package, which is available exclusively to members of brings together, your branding, logo and website development, to truly get your business in the fast-track.

What's included?

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