How do you make a Dog Paw Print out of Clay?

How do you make a Dog Paw Print out of Clay?

Author : Michelle Williams

Clay Paw prints are a great way to celebrate and welcome new fur-babies into your family and are also a lovely way to honor and remember your beloved pets after they pass over to rainbow bridge.  I am so glad that I have the Ceramic Clay Paw Prints of my own beloved Dog, Daisy, who I lost to cancer in 2019.

In fact, I am often asked by Pet Lovers what are the best type of Pet Paw Print Keepsakes to make? In particular, "How do you make a Dog Paw Print in Clay?" and "How do you decorate a Clay Paw Print?" 

How to make a Dog Paw Print in Clay?

There are several ways that you can make a Dog Paw Print in Clay depending upon if you want to make a DIY Paw Print Keepsake, or if you want to create a more durable and everlasting Clay Paw Print as a Pet Keepsake or Memorial, which will truly honor and memorialise your dog.

Types of Clay for DIY Pet Paw Prints

If your aim is to capture Clay Paw Prints of your Dog to create a quick DIY Paw Print Keepsake, for instance to hang on a Christmas Tree, you can do so fairly easily using Air Dry Clay or Polymer Clay.  There are many DIY Clay Paw Print Kits that you can buy online, which will enable you to create a DIY Paw Print. However, the downside of these kits and of using Air Dry Clay or Polymer Clay, is that this type of clay is very fragile and can deteroriate over time.  Needless, to say, this can be extremely distressing, if this is all that you have to remember your beloved dog by.

This is why, if you wish to learn how to make a Dog Paw Print out of Clay which is both beautiful and everlasting, you should consider searching for your nearest Pet Keepsake Artisan to create a Ceramic Clay Paw Print of your beloved Pet which is Kiln fired, durable and everlasting.

The difference between an air dry clay paw print, an oven baked paw print made out of Polymer Clay and a Kiln fired Ceramic Clay Paw Print, is the fact that, it has been glazed and kiln fired at over 1000 degress, making it of the highest, everlasting quality, unlike it's inferior air dry clay and polymer clay alternatives.

Some people also use homemade salt dough to make DIY Paw Prints of their dog, but, if you do decide to do this, please be sure to keep the salt-dough out of reach of your dog, as salt can be extremely harmful to dogs and potentially toxic. 

How to make Air Dry Clay Paw Prints?

Saying that, if you just want a very quick and easy way to take your Dog's Paw Prints in Clay, you can either buy a pre-packaged DIY Clay Paw Print Kit, or alternatively create your own custom Clay Paw Print, with a few simple craft supplies; including Air Dry Clay, a Craft Work Surface, a Rolling Pin and Cookie Cutters.

Air Dry Clay is very inexpensive and relatively easy to work with, but it tends to be quite hard, so as with most other hard-setting clays, you will need to knead it and work it by hand to soften it before use.  Simply knead and massage the clay with your hands until you notice it soften and become more malleable.

How can I get my Dogs Footprints?

Before taking the impressions of your Dog's Foot Prints in air dry clay, check whether the clay is soft enough, by applying a little pressure with your fingers. Press your fingers into the clay to see how easily you are able to make an impression with your fingerprints. If you can't get a good impression of your hands or fingers, it means that the clay is still too hard and you will be unable to get a good Clay Paw Print of your Dog.  Keep kneading and massaging the air dry clay until it feels, warm, soft a malleable.

It is best to take an impression of your Dog's Paw Prints when they are calm and relaxed. If you have a particularly active dog, make sure that he or she has been well exercised before you begin. You will also benefit from finding someone to hold your dog, whilst you take their paw print impressions.

Once your clay is soft enough, follow these simple instuctions to capture your dogs paw prints in air dry clay.

  • Knead the air dry clay in your hands until soft and malleable.
  • Place the softened clay on a work surface
  • Roll out the clay to the required size and depth, depending upon the size and breed of your Dog. 
  • Gently but firmly press your Dog's paw into the clay.
  • Personalise your Dog's Clay Paw Prints using a set of Alphabet Stamps.
  • Shape the Clay Paw Prints using either a Clay Knife or Cookie Cutter.  
  • If you wish to hang the Paw Prints, use a skewer to carefully pierce a hole into the Clay before dyring.
  • Leave the Clay Paw Print to dry thorougly before painting and sealing.

How do you Decorate a Clay Paw Print?

Once the Air Dry Clay Paw Prints are completely dry, they will be hard to the touch. You can then paint and seal them using a gloss metallic paint or spray paint to create a faux metal finish.

How to Display Clay Paw Prints?

As I previously mentioned, Air Dry Clay is extremely fragile and can be easily damaged, therefore, if you are intending to hang them, for intance on a christmas tree, bare in mind, that they are likely to scratch, crack or deteriorate over time.  This is why I would always suggest, wherever possible, that you appoint a professional Pet Keepsake Artisan who can create everlasting Ceramic Clay Paw Prints, Plaster Paw Prints,Dog Paw CastsSilver Nose Print Jewellery or Silver Paw Print Jewellery for you to remember your dog by and cherish forever.

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