How do you honor a deceased Pet?

How do you honor a deceased Pet?

Author : Michelle Williams

When you are facing the heart-breaking propsect of having to say goodbye to a beloved Pet, who has not only been the heart of your life and home, but who has also been your most loyal and loving companion, it is natural to ask yourself, "How do you honor a deceased Pet?"  and "What can I do in memory of my beloved Pet?"

Our Pets are far more than just "Pet's",  they often become our best friends, honorary family members, our therapy and most loyal and trusted confidantes. It is only natural therefore, that you would wish to find the perfect way to honor and remember your much loved pet.

But, how to honor a deceased pet that has passed away is a choice that is very personal and individual.  One thing that unites all Pet Owners though, is the wish to honor and remember their pet after death.

How to honor a Dog that has passed away

From my own perspective, when I lost my own beloved Dog, Daisy, I was fortunate to be in the industry that I am, so I created my own beautiful and everlasting Pet Keepsakes and Pet Memorials, featuring Daisy's Paw Prints in Clay, her Paw's Cast and her Paw Printed in Plaster and several pieces of Silver Pet Paw Print Jewellery and Silver Nose Print Jewellery.  These are priceess to me and bring me so much comfort.

But in addition to this, I also created an area in my home, where I have printed and framed my favourite photographs of Daisy, alongside a beautiful Pet Portrait that I had commissioned, which sits alongside a candle containing Daisy's ashes.

I also wrote a series of Pet Loss Poems about Daisy, which flooded from my subconcious mind in the days weeks and months after suddenly loosing Daisy to cancer.  Once I had come to terms with my grief and loss, I decided that I wanted to publish Daisy's Poems on my blog, to keep her memory alive. When I first published my Pet Loss Poems, I received many touching messages from other pet lovers, who all related to my grief and loss.

Remembering your Pet after Death

Our Pet's play such an important part in our lives, it is only right that we would want to find the perfect way to honor and remember our Pet by.  Thankfully today, there are so many wonderful ways that you can remember your pet after death and create a beautiful everlasting memorial.  There are many Pet Keepsake Artisans that can create beautiful Rainbow Bridge Gifts, including Pet Cremation Keepsakes,  Pet Ashes Keepsakes, Pet Hair Keepsakes, Pet Keepsake Jewellery and other Pet Keepsakes and Memorials gifts, to help you remember and memoralize a pet.

What to do with a deceased Pet Belongings?

It can be torturous knowing what to do with a deceased pet's belongings after death, when this is often all that we have left to remember them by. I am so often asked, "What to do with a Dog Collar after death?" For me, when I lost Daisy, I kept as much as I was able to.  I still have Daisy's Dog Collar, which I plan to frame with the paw prints that I made of her.  I even kept the cover of Daisy's dog bed, which I plan to have made into cushions for my children.  I have found all of these things helpful in allowing me to come to terms with Daisy's death and enabling me to keep my beloved Dog's memory alive.

How do you Memoralize a Pet and keep a Dog's Memory alive?

If you are wondering how to memoralize a pet, how to honor your cat and or how to keep a Dogs memory alive, I hope that some of my suggestions of the Pet Keeepsakes and Pet Memorials that I created of Daisy will be of interest to you.  Most of the Pet Keepsakes that I created of Daisy are not necessarily things that you can easily make yourself at home, without the appropriate creative knowledge or training.  However, we have a growing global network of Pet Keepsake Artisans, who will be more than happy to help you create the perfect Pet Keepsakes and Pet Memorials to help you memoralize and remember your beloved pet.

How to start a Pet Keepsake & Pet Memorial Business?

If you are currently facing the loss of a Pet, you can probably appreciate the huge benefit of Pet Loss Gifts and how very important they are for bereaved Pet Parents?  As well as searching our network of professionally trained Pet Keepsake Artisans to find the perfect Pet Keepsake and Pet Memorial to remember your own beloved Pet by, how would you like to start your own Pet Keepsake Business helping other pet lovers to capture their most precious memories, moments and bonds?

The Pet Keepsake Business Sector is booming and set to grow further.

  • There are over 9 million dogs and 8 million cats.
  • As a nation, we spend over £10 billion per year on our dogs and £8 billion on our cats.
  • Over a quarter of pet lovers admit they like to pamper their pets.
  • 66% regularly buy gifts for their pets.

The Pet Keepsake and Pet Memorial Sector is gaining pace quickly, with pet owners from all backgrounds, looking for unique ways to honor and remember their beloved pets.

Unfortunately, many of the Pet Paw Print Kits that are sold online and often used by Veterinary Surgeons, are made of very fragile, non-durable material, which often can not be easily duplicated or preserved.

This, combined with my own heart-breaking pet loss, is why I am so passionate about training Animal lovers all over the world, to start their own Pet Keepsake Business, creating high-quality, everlasting, Pet Keepsakes and Pet Memorials for Pet Owners.

So, If you would like to start your own profitable Pet Keepsake Business, making a difference in the lives of other pet lovers, please browse my series of Pet Keepsake Courses or download my FREE Guide on 'Starting your own Pet Keepsake Business.


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