Full-time and Side Business Ideas

Full-time and Side Business Ideas

Author:Michelle Williams

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own fulltime or side Business to fit around family life?

If you're a busy mum like me, then the answer is probably yes?  And I've got some really great full-time and side business ideas to share with you!

How about starting your own Baby Casting Business, helping parents to capture their most special memories?

Or you could start your own Life Casting Business, capturing the special bond between entire generations of a family?  This could include Pregnant Belly Casting, wreath of Hands and Baby Casting so that you can capture memories from pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Perhaps you can see yourself starting your own Keepsake Jewellery Business, capturing handprints, footprints, fingerprints or even childrens first drawings in pure fine silver? 

Another great creative Full-time or Side Business Idea would be to start your own Pottery Painting Business, hosting children's pottery painting parties.

All of these creative business ideas transfer equally well to running your own Pet Keepsake Business.

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