Dogs Last Day - A tribute to a best friend Dog Poem

Dogs Last Day - A tribute to a best friend Dog Poem

Author : Michelle Williams

Saying Goodbye to a Dog Poem 

This is one of the Forever Pet Poem's that I wrote after discovering that my beloved Dog, Daisy had a cancerous tumour in her throat, which had spread to her lungs.  The vet told me that the cancer was extremely aggressive and that she only had a matter of weeks to live. I was told that the tumour would grow and spread rapidly, which would severely restrict her breathing, causing Daisy much pain and distress.  My instinct was to bring Daisy home. I wanted look after her, so that she could lay on her favourite chair and live out the rest of her days being loved and comforted.  But, after a heart-breaking conversation with my Mum, who told me; "Sometimes it is best to say goodbye a day too soon, than a day too late,"  I realised that this would be my dog's last day on earth and I would have to say goodbye.

This is the short dog loss poem that I wrote in tribute to my best friend Daisy, on her last day, after I was forced to say my most painful goodbye. 


“Goodbye, A Day to Soon” - by Michelle Willams

Making the decision to let you go,
Brought more heartache than you could know,

taking comfort from my mother,
We agreed, we must not let you suffer,

Best say goodbye a day too soon, than a day too late
And send you off to heaven’s gate,

the most difficult decision of my life,
One, which still cuts like a knife,

Full of despair, I had to let you go,
Far away to your forever rainbow,

But thank you Daisy, for being our friend,
For the past six years and to the end,

You brought more happiness that you could know,
And in those final moments, I hope, I did show,
The impact that you had on our lives,
Through all the tears and all the smiles,

As I said goodbye and stroked your head,
Sending you off to your eternal bed,
I hope you heard my loving whispers,
we all loved you from your tail to your whiskers,

So, goodbye my special girl,
life without you, is a stormy whirl,
Full of sorrow and of sadness
Without you here bringing gladness,

But you will never be forgotten,
From the top of our hearts, to the bottom
You were our angel in disguise,
And our love for you will never die.


If you found this Pet loss poem of comfort, you may wish to read some of the other Pet Loss and Pet Bereavement Poems that I wrote in the days and weeks after having to say goodbye to by beloved Dog, Daisy.

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