Baby Hand and Foot Casting

Baby Hand and Foot Casting

Author : Michelle Williams

It’s very popular nowadays for new parents to want to do baby hand and foot casting.  Some parents buy a 3D Baby Casting Kit and try to do it themselves at home, but often realise that the reality of creating a baby hand and foot casting themselves at home, is more difficult than they anticipated.

In fact, we get many phone calls from new parents and people wishing to start their own Baby Casting Business, who have attempted the life casting process themselves at home without training, and have failed at the first hurdle 

Here are some of the common problems that we hear about when people are trying to do baby hand and foot casting, when they haven’t received the appropriate training.

  • Alginate setting to quick in the bowl
  • Holes and air-bubbles in their moulds
  • Missing toes and fingers in the baby casts
  • Runnels (channels of water) present in the finished casts
  • Confusion over how to seal, paint and finish the casts
  • How to mount and Frame the Baby Casts

Through our Baby Life Casting Workshops with our Accredited Trainer and Online Courses, we teach all of the correct life-casting processes and techniques throughout the baby life casting process to avoid these common problems, so that our students become confident in the art of baby hand and foot casting and other more advanced Baby Life Casting techniques

First of all it is important that anyone who wants to create good, high quality baby hand and foot castings is working with the correct tools and materials.  Then it is vital that students understand how to use these tools and materials and fully understand the curing process and what can cause and contribute towards the negative results, highlighted above. We have Baby Life Casting Starter Kits available providing all the materials and equipment you need to get started.

During our training, we focus on ensuring that you are working with the correct volumes of materials and the correct water temperatures etc as this is vital to creating the results you want from your baby life castings. Plus, the most effective method for actually taking the moulds to gain the best results. 

Then we focus on tips and techniques to avoid the common pitfalls of air-bubbles, missing fingers, toes and runnels in the plaster.

As part of the training you will also learn about demoulding techniques and the best paint finishes to capture those tiny wrinkles and lines. We also go through the framing of your finished casts.

Our training courses will give you everything you need to start your own baby hand and foot life casting business download your FREE Guide here, with relative low cost compared to many other businesses out there.

How can I expand my baby hand and foot casting business in the future;

Expand your product range by offering popular 2D baby hand and foot stone outprints. Set yourself apart from your competitors by expanding and offering a good range of products. The course is available as part of a weekend workshop where you will learn a variety of techniques or there is also a convenient Online Training Course, which you can do in the comfort of your own home. Starter kits can be purchased online with everything you need to get started.

Resin Casting is a lovely fused glass effect which can come in a variety of translucent shades and colours adding a modern vibrant feel to the finished look of the 3D hand and foot casting. Duplicate casts can be made from the initial mould, making this a great option for repeat orders. An Online Training Course is available as an upgrade to 3D hand and foot casting. Starter kits are also available with everything you need to get going.

We also now have an upgrade option to Cold Metal Casting. This Metal Casting process provides a finished result which is more durable and heavier in weight, ideal for freestanding. Customers can choose from Cold Cast Bronze, Aluminium, Copper or Brass. You can also make duplicate copies from the original mould, ideal for repeat orders for grandparents or other family members. These Cold Metal Casts would be your top of the range product offering. Cold Metal Casting is available as an Online Training Course upgrade. Initial training in 3D hand and foot casting  is recommended. Our Starter kit has everything you need to get started.


Has this inspired you into starting your own Life Casting Business?

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