Baby Hand & Foot Casting DIY

Baby Hand & Foot Casting DIY

Author : Michelle Williams


I am often asked the difference between Baby Hand and Foot Casting DIY, as opposed to finding a Professional Life Caster to cast your baby's hands and feet.

First of all, let me say that Life Casting is an art form and a skill! It is therefore, extremely unlikely that you will be able to create the same level of quality and detail without having undertaken professional Life Casting Training to become a Professional Life Caster.

Secondly, the quality of materials in a DIY Kit, are likely to be of far inferior quality than would be used by a Professional Life Caster. Therefore, not only are your baby hand and foot casts more likely to have air-bubbles, missing finger tips, channels of water (runnels) and be made from weak, crumbly plaster, but you are unlikely to be able to bring out the same level of detail as a professional Life Caster, who is fully trained and knows all of the tips of the trade, to ensure that your Baby Hand and Foot Casts are of the highest quality.

In addition to this, I have so many enquiries from people who want to start their own Baby Hand and Foot Casting Business and believe they can learn all that they need to know, simply by buying a Baby Hand and Foot Casting DIY Kit and self-teaching themselves. But be warned, many of these people, run in to problems, realising that it is not as easy as it looks!  There are lots of things you must know, to ensure that you aren't faced with poor quality casts, that resemble disfigured body parts, rather than high quality Baby Hand and Foot Casts that will be of marketable quality.

In fact, many people that attend Life Casting Courses with The Craft Ecademy are people that initially purchase Baby Hand and Foot Casting DIY Kits, believeing that they can 'figure it out on their own' but who experience these common problems and then decide that they want to learn how to do it properly.

I also receive many phone calls from consumers who have purchased Baby Hand and Foot Casting DIY Kits, who have used up the entire contents of the kit trying to cast their baby's hands and feet, only to fail, having wasted money on the DIY Kits in the process.

So, if you are consumer wishing to get your Baby's Hands and Feet Cast by a professional Life Caster near you, you should get in touch with to find your nearest Baby Life Caster.

Alternatively, if you wish to avoid the pitfalls of DIY Baby Hand & Foot Casting and would like to learn how to cast baby hand and feet professionaly, with a view to starting your own Baby Life Casting Business, follow the link below to download our FREE Guide on "How to Start your own Baby Life Casting Business.



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