Baby Casting Training Courses

Baby Casting Training Courses

Author : Michelle Williams

3D baby hand a foot casting is a lovely way to keep a memory a baby’s tiny hands and feet whilst they are still very small. These memories are lovely to hang on the wall in a nursery, to remind you of just how small they once were. Many people look into going on casting courses once they have had their own baby’s hands and feet cast. Whether to start up a casting business of their own or as a hobby.

Here at The Craft Ecademy, we offer a wide range of casting courses, from 3D baby hand a foot casting to 2D stone out-print casting. Once you have mastered the basics you can also upgrade and expand your skills to learn how to make coloured fused glass effect resin casts, and cold cast metal baby casting.

If you want to offer something slightly different we also have a casting course to learn hands entwined. This is a beautiful memory of baby holding on to mum’s hand, this is known as the Palmar grip where the whole hand grasps onto your finger, typically babies lose this after about 6 months so it is good to capture this as young as possible.

Why not include the whole family in a casting of wreath of hands. This could be mum, dad and all siblings or maybe with grandparents too.

Some of our frequently asked questions;

  • Can I learn online?
  • Will I need any special equipment?
  • I have tried home kits but it hasn’t worked, what am I doing wrong?
  • Can you make a profitable business from Baby Casting?
  • How long does it take to learn?

Many people become interested in casting courses after they experience having their own baby’s casts done. Parents, particularly mums often look at a career change after having a baby, a career that allows sufficient flexibility to work around their own children and brings in a profit. Casting is an ideal relatively low-cost business start-up that allows you to do just that.

Here at The Craft Ecademy we have been teaching casting courses for over 20 years and have a wealth of experience in many different techniques which are all included in our casting courses. There are pitfalls you can often come across if you do not learn all the techniques required to produce quality casts, such as broken fingers, air bubbles and runnels (channels of water marks present on the finished cast).  We are always adding to the product range to ensure you offer the most up to date products/techniques to your customers. Casting courses are run by our Accredited Trainer and take place in our Studio on one of our weekend workshops or you can learn online.

You can also buy our Starter Kits online which have all the equipment and tools you need to get started.

Become a member of The Keepsake Guild which provides unrivalled benefits, including improved customer perception of your business as well as ongoing support to help you make your casting business a success.

Guild Membership also gives you a Directory Listing (example), Private Guild Members Forum, a dedicated helpdesk for all questions, Guild Marketing Club where you can access invaluable information such as how and where to market your business locally and online and tools to help fast track you. There is access to Royalty Free images which are invaluable for business start up’s as you have unlimited access to a full library of professional images. There is a 10% discount on all studio courses and 20% discount on all ecourses. You will also get continued access to your ecourses after training with The Craft Ecademy in one of our studio courses.

Marketing your business is essential, whether this is locally in your community in person or online. Word of mouth testimonials are great for repeat business.  Facebook is a perfect way to get started, you can invite family and friends to like your page which increases your reach. You can easily access the local community via baby groups and nursery’s too. There are nearly 700,000 babies born in the UK alone each year, 130 million globally so the opportunity is there to make a successful, profitable business with the right marketing and effort. If you would like some help in marketing your business successfully we also offer a marketing package consisting of logo design, website, leaflets and business cards, plus many other benefits.

Learn a new skill on one our casting courses and start your own 3D baby casting business, download our FREE GUIDE here