What is Metal Cold Casting?

What is Metal Cold Casting?

Author:Michelle Williams

Often we are asked what is Cold Casting? and how to create Life Casts in Bronze, Aluminium or any other Cold Cast Metal? 

Metal Cold Casting is a term used to describe the process of mixing metal particles with resins to create Cold Metal Castings which give the appearance of Solid Metal.

The Cold Cast Metal Process is a faster, far less expensive alternative to traditional "hot" foundry casting, which uses molten metal to create solid metal casts.

Traditional Foundry Casting, results in one of the most desirable, high-quality finishes available to Life Casters, but often the cost and time associated with creating such "hot" metal life castings are prohbitive to most regular Life Casters and their customers. 

Metal Cold Casting was therefore developed to provide a low cost alternative to the traditional hot foundry casting method and offers a fantastic alternative to Life Casters wishing to offer high quality Metal Casts to their customers.

Cold Casting uses the same materials (Bronze, Aluminium, Copper or Brass etc) but in a different form.  The metals are ground into a fine powder and mixed with a casting medium, which is then poured or painted into a suitable mould.  

The cured Cold Metal Cast then duplicates the look of an expensive "hot" foundry casting, which can then be polished to achieve a high metal shine or oxidized to achived an aged effect.  The cured Metal Cold Cast, will then have the authentic look and fee of a true 'Hot Metal Cast."  

If you would like to learn more about the Cold Cast Metal Process and how to Cold Cast in BronzeAluminimum or even Brass or Copper, please take a look at our Cold Cast Metal e-Course!  

Don't forget also to check out with our Cold Cast Metal Starter Kit, which contains everything you need to begin upgrading your original Plaster Life Casts to beautifully, authentic Cold Metal Casts!

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