How Can I Make My Home Business a Success?

How Can I Make My Home Business a Success?

Author:Michelle Williams

 Hello, this week’s question comes from Andrea who has recently had a baby and she wants to start her own baby casting business working from home. Andrea is keen to book onto my baby casting e-course but she wants to know: what are the key factors that will determine her business success?

This is a really great question Andrea so thanks very much for sending this in. Like yourself Andrea, many people make the choice to start their own business due to a life changing event. This might be like yourself because they have just had a baby or they want to work around child care arrangements. So whilst many people want to start their own creative home business to create freedom and flexibility, they don’t always consider what it takes to make a successful business.

One of the key strengths in any business is the owner; so you need to ask yourself are you right person for the job?

Do you have passion for the business you are about to start? Are you enthusiastic and self-motivated? Can you commit plenty of time and effort to your business? Are you good at managing money and can you live without income for a while, whilst you develop your business? Have you considered how much you will need to earn to cover your living expenses? Do you have clear goals? Do you have a supportive network of family and friends? Are you a good decision maker with strong willpower? Are you well organised and a good planner? Are you friendly and personable? This is really important as initially it will be your personality that will build your customer base.

In my own opinion one of the key strengths of a business is the owner and your own personality. To succeed it is vital that you remain positive, committed and determined. There’s a big difference between people who have a negative and a positive attitude. Negative people rarely accomplish anything positive because they let circumstances control their attitude. Typically there are two types of people, the first are those who give up easily and tend to exaggerate the size of their problems. These kinds of people tend to refuse to find solutions to their problems; they normally get disheartened and give up easily if things don’t go to plan. These types of people don’t have the resilience it takes to run a success business. The second group of people do not give up easily. If they are faced with a problem or feel like they’re failing, they learn from their mistakes and they make small changes and improvements to ensure their success. These types of people strive to work harder and they are most likely to be successful in business.

Running a business is a challenge but it also extremely rewarding and will probably be your greatest accomplishment. But certainly there will be no rewards without a lot of hard work and quite simply, you’ll get out what you put in.

So Andrea, my top tips to succeed in business are:

  •       Always take the highs with the lows
  •       Always remain, positive, forward thinking and optimistic
  •       Always strive to find solutions to the obstacles you are likely to face
  •       Be resilient

So long as you have all of these positive characteristics, a good quality product which customers want to buy, and a strong marketing plan to communicate and engage with your target market then I would say that you are a strong candidate to run your own successful business.

Through the training courses at The Craft Ecademy, we will help you to create high quality products that your customers will want to buy. Through The Keepsake Guild we can provide you with ongoing help and support with marketing and developing your business.

So Andrea, I hope that this answers your question and you have found this week’s question and answer session helpful.

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