Craft Courses & Online Craft Courses

Craft Courses & Online Craft Courses

Author:Michelle Williams

Due to the high volume of enquiries from Customers from all over the world who want to come on our Studio Craft Courses but can't travel, we have been slowly adding a series of new Online Craft Courses to our collection, over the past few years and are very pleased to announce that our brand new Online Craft Course in Family Life Casting is now day's away from being launched!

This new Online Craft Course will be added to our existing collection of Online Craft Courses, which help our customers to set up their own fun and rewarding Craft Businesses, profiting from their own creativity.

Our current collection of Online Craft Courses, includes how to make Fingerprint Jewellery, Artwork Jewelllery, Baby Handprint & Footprint Jewellery, Clay Baby Handprints, 3D Baby Casting, 2D Baby Prints, so our new Online Family Life Casting Craft Course will be of keen interest to new and existing customers with an interest in Baby Casting and Lifecasting.

Please, make sure that you Register for our Newsetter to be the first to know when our new Family Life Casting Course will be released!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this short sneak preview below!